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Read GPS reviews for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Mio, NAVIGON, and others for auto navigation, handheld recreation, and bluetooth GPS devices.

Massive Update to our Community Forums!


If you are not a member of our Community GPS Forums or if you are a member and haven’t visited in some tim, now is the time to come have a look. Over the past several months we’ve made a large number of enhancements we think you will love. Continue–> Massive Update to our Community Forums!

Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi Page 3


Community Contribution By Boyd Ostroff

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SevenFields: the Holy Grail of dashboards?

sevenWell personally I don’t think so, but if you follow the GPS forums, you might come to this conclusion! Personally, I prefer simplicity… But regardless of your philosophy, our final example is the SevenFields dashboard, and it builds on everything you’ve already learned. Open the dashboard in Notepad++ and take a look… Continue–> Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi Page 3

Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi Page 2


Community Contribution By Boyd Ostroff
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The TwoFields dashboard

twoNow we’ll build on what you’ve already learned with a more complete dashboard example. Open the TwoFields_800x480.dshb file in Notepad++. You’ll see that this file has the id “two”. The first new thing you’ll notice is the DashboardColors section. These define the font colors we’ll be using in the data fields. The red, green and blue values correspond to the RGB values you’ll see in the Photoshop color picker. Continue–> Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi Page 2

Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi


Community contributed article By Boyd Ostroff

beauty shotIn 2012 Garmin added a new feature to the Nuvi line called “dashboards” — small files containing images and code that change the appearance of the main map screen. In the past, the Nuvi was criticized for its lack of user customization features, and the 2012 models sought to address this complaint with the additioin of dashboards and a couple other new features. But Garmin giveth and Garmin taketh away… the dashboard feature was removed from the 2013 Nuvi models. I believe the full list of dashboard-compatible devices would be: Continue–> Creating Custom Dashboards for your Nuvi

Garmin’s “Known Map Errors” Page


I never would have expected to see Garmin put up a Known Map Errors page.

Sometimes, we are notified of errors in our map providers’ data that could present safety concerns. Because your safety is important to us, we have listed all known map errors below.

They certainly don’t expect people to review the list before going out on a drive, so the only angle here must be PR. When the monthly “GPS made me do it” articles come out in the media they can point to this page in response.

TomTom Q1 2012 Results– a play on words


I find reporting on most financial results fairly annoying– people have become good at spinning any piece of data however they would like. So I decided to take a different “look” at TomTom’s Q1 2012 results. I built a little word cloud.

I threw out common words you would expect to find in financial results like amounted, business, compared, mainly, and previous. Interpret as you will. What I see is a company becoming more focused in the automotive division and their traffic service and focusing less on PNDs. Also notable was the nearly absent discussion of the smartphone app market.

Is TomTom favoring Google over their own POIs?


When the newest version of the TomTom app for iPhone came out recently I noticed some of the items in the navigation menu had been rearranged. The menu order for the ‘Navigate To…’ menu used to look like this:

    Home –>
    Favorite –>
    Address –>
    Recent Destination –>
    Point of Interest –>
    Point on Map –>

Continue–> Is TomTom favoring Google over their own POIs?

Is that a Google MotoNav Headed Down the Road?


There has long been speculation that Google might someday build their own GPS to suction to your own windshield. That speculation was fueled as they started to build their own maps and ditch Tele Atlas and then again when Google released Google Navigation for Android phones. With today’s announcement that Google intends to scoop up Motorola Mobility that will be more fuel for the fire. You might recall that Motorola Mobility at one time had their own PND… the Motorola MotoNav. Continue–> Is that a Google MotoNav Headed Down the Road?

Apple’s Version of LineDrive Maps?


As discovered by AppleInsider, a recent patent application from Apple shows they are interested in changing how information is presented on maps. Check out the image below, but doesn’t sound like the same concept as LineDrive Line Maps? Check out that link for details. Don’t get me started on the pitfalls of the US Patent system… Continue–> Apple’s Version of LineDrive Maps?

Men and Women React Differently to Traffic


In a study released today TomTom tells us something we already knew… traffic increases stress. But they also told us something you might not know, men and women react differently to traffic.

… “while women experienced an 8.7% increase in stress from driving in traffic, men suffered a significant 60% increase in stress” …

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