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10 Indications You Are a GPS Geek


Are you a GPS Geek? How many of the following apply to you?

  1. You turn on your GPS to go to the grocery store.
  2. You call a business and ask for their physical address rather than directions.
  3. Someone asks you where you live and you tell them your latitude and longitude.
  4. A friend asks what you were doing last Tuesday, instead of looking on your calendar you open your GPS Tracklog.
  5. While discussing a local park with your neighbor you mention how many geocaches you have in that park.
  6. You think gas station attendants might have become lonely so you send them holiday greeting cards.
  7. You get frustrated when people send you articles about “GPS” when they mean “general practitioners”.
  8. Any map which doesn’t show latitude and longitude is pretty much worthless.
  9. You don’t understand why you should need to give directions to anyone anymore.
  10. When you spouse asks “When will you be home” you reply by saying “I’m 7.65 miles from my destination and I should be there in ten minutes and forty seven seconds”.
  11. (Extra Credit) You put the phone up to the GPS and have it speak to your spouse (see above).

Have any others to add? Feel free to add them below.

3 Responses

  1. haha…That’s good stuff. I’m such a GPS geek.

    I even take it one step further. My friends look on my GPS website to see where I am before calling me!

    Tim Hibbard - October 31st, 2006
  2. Regarding this one…
    >> You put the phone up to the GPS and
    >> have it speak to your spouse (see above).

    Years ago before GPS’s were common, I was asked to deliver my boss’ brand new BMW from the office in Chicago to his home in New York. This was a special treat since my… er, socioeconomic background at the time woudn’t even allow me to drive a new Geo Metro let alone a BMW 7-series.

    This was my first time using GPS, so I was really enjoying the turn-by-turn directions and such. At some point my girlfriend called just to see how I was doing. (some of you can see where this is going.) During the conversation she just suddenly got very cold to me and ended the conversation.

    When I returned home I finally got hold of her and asked what the deal was — as she lunged at me she screamed about me being a rotten two-timer, etc, and she heard the woman in the car with me. After a bit I figured out it was the GPS voice she heard in the background.

    You try to explain to someone who also has never heard of GPS before that “the car was talking to me and telling me how to get to New York.”

    A few months later she called me rather sheepishly to apologize… her new boyfriend had GPS in his car and realized I wasn’t lying after all.


    Murph - November 24th, 2006
  3. 🙂 That’s priceless Murph. Thanks for sharing!

    Tim - November 24th, 2006

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