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2010, GPS Still Works


Remember all of those doomsday articles about the GPS satellite network crashing down in 2010? Our forum members were talking about it too, but I wasn’t buying it. While were not too far into 2010, I haven’t seen any articles recently that the supposed failure would come in the coming weeks or months. To the contrary, the ‘U.S. Strategic Command and Air Force Space Command’ (AFSPC) along with STRATCOM have announced improvements “that benefits not only military operations, but also all GPS users by taking advantage of the largest on-orbit GPS constellation in its history”.

Sure doesn’t sound like a failure is impending to me. The improvements will come by repositioning satellites into more optimum positions and putting new satellites in orbits near older satellites in case the older satellites fail. The improvements will take a couple of years to complete, but the future still looks good:

“Over the next two years, the number of GPS satellites in view from any point on earth will increase, potentially increasing accuracy of GPS receivers.”

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