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3D GPS Maps


The race appears to be on for GPS navigation systems to provide 3D data in their maps. Most GPS navigation systems already have what they call 3D maps, however those maps are not really 3D at all. They just take the 2D data and set a viewing angle…. all of the roads themselves are still drawn without any terrain contours.

Projects like the Volkswagen Google GPS project show that presenting actual 3D data in 3D views is certainly possible and will likely be the way of the future.

In fact, TeleAtlas plans on shipping 3D maps of many large cities around the world by the end of 2006. They are currently working to produce maps with 3D landmarks.

“The market is evolving to more realistically represent the world as we know it. Flat maps will be replaced by enriched maps that offer more visual and display elements that make navigation easier. Tele Atlas maps will be enhanced with more and more 3D features, increasingly reflecting the reality of what we see, complete with landmarks and other images. Enhanced visualization will make maps even more attractive, informative and interesting, not only in navigation but also on the Internet and across a range of consumer applications.” – Jack Reinelt, Managing Director Europe for Tele Atlas.

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