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Alabama Uses GPS to Track Sex Offenders


An article in the All American Patriots discusses Alabama’s use of GPS to track criminals.

Another major provision of the new law is for GPS (global positioning satellite) monitoring of sex offenders. Attorney General King himself has been wearing a GPS ankle bracelet throughout the special session to highlight the importance of passing a new Community Notification Act. “With the Legislature’s approval of this vital law, I am delighted to remove this ankle bracelet from my leg and to know that similar tracking devices will be on the legs of pedophiles in our state. The families and children of Alabama are safer today than they were before the Legislature convened.”

One Response

  1. This sounds like a bureaucrat, alright.

    I think he’s part of the way there, though… what we need to do is put these on every government employee in the country – city councilmen, cops, state reps & sens, federal reps & sens, governors, president, secretaries of whatever, judges, attorneys… all of them, top to bottom – if they get a paycheck from any government entity, put on a bracelet.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s put a mic on ’em, or we could just enable the mic on their cell phones.

    You gotta admit, it’d make some interesting viewing and listening… and it’d probably put an end to the secret closed-door deals.

    Tex Long - August 27th, 2008

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