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Alltigo LT100


Alltigo Inc. announced the launch of LT100 2nd generation Personal Location Tracking Device – a powerful location aware electronic unit that combines GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies to track, in real time, persons, pets, vehicles, and other mobile assets remotely, via the internet. LT100’s compact size makes it one of the smallest devices in its category available on the market. The device is service agnostic and can be used with existing Location Based Services (LBS) or without.

Alltigo’s LT100 Personal Location Tracking Device integrates the 12-channel assisted GPS (AGPS) receiver from Fastrax (http://www.fastax.fi), and Sarantel’s (http://www.sarantel.com) GeoHelix GPS antenna to create a new Adaptive Assisted-GPS (AAGPS) enabled tagging solution. This, along with a sophisticated Alltigo algorithm, enables LT100 to find satellites and lock onto their signal more efficiently than other systems. LT100 uses Enfora’s (http://www.enfora.com) wireless modem to communicate its location and receive commands over a GSM/GPRS mobile phone network, via TCP/IP (internet protocol), or SMS (short message service). The device has reported position accuracy within a few meters. Weighing 30gr (1 ounce) and measuring 90 x 48 x 20mm (3.5 x 1.9 x 0.8″), the LT100 offers a quad-band engine (850/900/1800/1900). The system’s Lithium-ion battery has an average use life of 7 days and its on-board memory can store up to 60,000 locations.

Alltigo Monitor – an Instant Messaging Java application enables the LT100’s remote monitoring and controlling. With Alltigo Monitor, users can easily configure geo fence, time and speed monitoring, view location maps, view routes traveled through time, and receive monitoring alerts as instant messages, in the same way as MSN and Yahoo messenger are operating. Alltigo SDK is designed for easy integration with any kind of enterprise solutions and 3 rd party software packages. Alltigo Monitor and enabling Software Development Kit (SDK) are available for free, at http://portal.alltigo.com/.

“One of the major advantages of our system is that it eliminates the need for any significant service. All that LT100 requires is an Internet access, GSM/GPRS Data Plan, and mapping software. However, LBS (Location Based Service) providers can provide value added services, such as emergency responses, constant monitoring, detail reporting and similar. Our mapping support is designed the same way, enabling connectors for different mapping providers “, says Miroslav Bosnjakovic, Alltigo’s Product Director.

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