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Alpine BlackBird PMD-B200


Alpine has a new portable GPS which can be docked with one of their other devices to provide an in-dash experience with a portable PND. The Alpine PMD-B200 is a portable GPS device which looks similar to some of their older Blackbird PNDs. This device is designed to be used with the Alpine IVA-W205 device whereby the PMD-B200 will “dock” into the IVA-W205 to provide an integrated Audio, Visual, and Navigation system. Want to use the navigation system in another vehicle? Just un-dock the device and and take it with you.

6 Responses

  1. Is there a GPS that works on rural roads in the U.S.?

    krypto - January 3rd, 2007
  2. Nearly all GPS devices designed for auto navigation work on rural roads.

    Tim - January 3rd, 2007
  3. How about a release date for the PMD-B200?

    Brian - April 29th, 2007
  4. i want to know if there are argentinas maps for this product. thnakssssss…

    jsasson - January 21st, 2008
  5. Pros:
    Qualifier: I have only used the Blackbird II in it’s docked mode with the IVA-W205.

    Portable, concealable w/in the Alpine IVA-W205; decent day and night screens; controls the built-in music mode when giving verbal commands.

    Expends but doesn’t recharge mobile battery when docked w/in IVA-W205; IVA-W205 is located central to dash heating and cooling which often affects the operation of the concealed mobile unit; does not allow mix/combination of path algorithims; no clear method of updating software or database to date,

    On trip from point A to B, with waypoints and 1, 2, & 3, only one path algorithim may be used (i.e. Quickest w/Freeway, Quickest w/o Freeway, or shortest for entire trip calculation). Perhaps allowing differentiation between path algorithims from point A to way point 1 and way point 1 to 2, etc., through the Maneuver List would be better. Now that requires redirect/alternate choice and recalculation.

    Need shielding kit for the IVA-W205 to prevent automotive heating and cooling from affecting the mobile unit.

    IVA-W200 or mobile unit(s) should have electronic capacity for recharging mobile unit when docked within IVA-W200. Currently, you will have to remove mobile unit from docking station and recharge prior to any mobile use.

    Better/any instructions for obtaining software and database updates should be included.

    Tip Off - February 12th, 2008
  6. is there any update for alpine PND-K3

    ali - October 27th, 2011

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