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Asus A636 Copilot Live


Asus has announced availability of CoPilot Live for the Asus A636. The Asus A636 comes with a 3.5 inch screen and runs Windows Mobile 5.0. The A636 features Bleutooth, 802.11b Wi-Fi, and the GPS is powered by teh SiRF star III chipset.

“The Asus A636 mated with the CoPilot Live Pocket PC award winning software with text to speech, auto install and Live features together offers the most cost effective on-board PDA/GPS-based navigation solution with the power and features of Windows Mobile 5” – Emmanuele Silanesu Product Manager from Asus.

3D maps lead the way with a night mode and brightness controls. The device comes with pre-installed maps on a 128 MB SD card. The “Live” part of the technology in “CoPilot Live” features two way messaging and vehicle location services via GPRS data connection.

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