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ASUS MyPal a636 GPS Review – ASUS MyPal a632 GPS Review


Asus-Mypal-A636 It looks as though ASUS is getting ready to release two new PocketPC based GPS receivers, the ASUS MyPal a636 GPS and the ASUS MyPal a632 GPS. Both will run the Windows Mobile software on a 416 Mhz processor and will sport 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM. They will both feature USB connections and a 3.5 inch QVGA touchscreen.

The two differ when it comes to WiFI which is included on the ASUS MyPal a636 but not on the ASUS MyPal a632. The a632 will however sport both an SD slot and a miniSD slot (the a636 will not have the additional miniSD slot. The a636 will come with Bluetooth standard while the a632 can have Bluetooth as an option.

The GPS antenna that can swivel into place when the GPS is being used.

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