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AT&T Navigator for iPhone


AT&T has released their version of “AT&T Navigator” for the iPhone. The app is “free”, but if you download it AT&T will automatically add $9.99 per month directly to your phone bill. You can cancel “any time” by calling AT&T… deleting the app won’t do it. What is notable about the app at this time is that it is powered by TeleNav. This in its own isn’t a huge surprise as AT&T and TeleNav have worked together in the past.

AT&T Navigator for iPhoneHowever TeleNav has previously announced their own iPhone app would make its way to the App Store. I haven’t seen any releases from TeleNav announcing the availability of their app (as in the AT&T Navigator app) so we are assuming this is the same application. I expect TeleNav will clear up the confusion before too long.

The AT&T Navigator app for iPhone weighs in at just 2.3 MB, so maps are not on-board. We’ll let you know when we’ve taken it for a spin.

4 Responses

  1. This will be very interesting. I used to use VZ Navigator when I was with Verizon, it was priced the same – $9.99 per month or you could use for 24 hours for $2.99. I was quite pleased with the functionality and if the same had been available from the get go with my iphone I might not have gotten my TomToms. The subscription price equals the map update prices at that time, Of course now with map subscriptions available that has changed. So I will be very interested to see how this compares with the eventual release of TT’s iPhone app.

    John - June 24th, 2009
  2. Know something really interesting? This appears to bypass Apple and their 30% cut of the revenue.

    gatorguy - June 24th, 2009
    • Possibly… Who knows what is going on behind the scenes. Apple and AT&T have a pretty complex relationship you know. 🙂

      Tim - June 24th, 2009
  3. This is a pretty good navigation app. The sound quality isn’t great and it’s a bit slow rerouting but overall it is a good GPS device replacement. My full review is here;



    Bill - July 1st, 2009

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