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Audio and Video with POIs


So you’re vacationing around California and looking for a spa to stay at for a few days. You pull up your GPS and ask it for a list of hotels, perhaps even searching the list for spas. You get a nice list back, sorted by their straight line distance from your current location. The name of the spa is shown, along with the distance. Wouldn’t you really like a bit more information about that POI? Tele Atlas is trying to change that through a new partnership with the Travel Channel.

Wouldn’t you rather see something like this:

Of course there are GPS devices on the market today which offer restaurant reviews and hotel ratings. This new Tele Atlas/Travel Channel partnership will provide text based content as well. But it will also go beyond by integrating audio and video components.

“Navigation offerings are expanding to deliver ‘infotainment’ that includes rich location-based audio and video media, which is fueling an exciting, unique end-user experience,” said Basak Ozer, vice president, global product marketing, Tele Atlas.

Of course this data will be available to all Tele Atlas customers, so in addition to the possibilities of incorporating this data into a PND, it could also be very interesting on a mobile phone. Imagine walking through a city, opening up your phone, and having video streamed to your phone highlighting the nearby museum or hotel.

Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain, and John Ratzenberger…. coming soon to a GPS near you.

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