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August 2008 Average GPS Prices


There are lots of myths in the GPS industry about which brands are expensive, and which are relatively cheap. For example Garmin devices are often thought of as being more expensive. Often however, people are looking at MSRP prices, rather than current “street prices”. So we collected data from hundreds of stores that sell GPS devices, and took note of what they were selling each model for, every day of the month. The net result was a look at what the average automotive GPS device (PND) is selling for, broken down by a number of different factors. The first, by brand.

August 2008 GPS PricesAs you can see from this image (click to enlarge) there is at least some truth that Garmin devices are more expensive than their competitors… but that isn’t the whole story. You will have to stay tuned to a future article talking about the whole story, but for now we’ll just say that while we are looking at auto models only, it might not be an apples to apples comparison.

Still, it wasn’t a surprise to see Garmin and TomTom near the top. Seeing NAVIGON near the top was a surprise, although that could partially be attributed to the fact that there is a little bit less data available, and the new lower end “MAX” devices are just starting to appear at stores. Seeing Magellan down at the bottom was also a little bit of a surprise, but again, current product mix is also a factor here. Many of their upper end devices that have been announced are not yet on store shelves.

We’ll be following this, and many other pricing trends in the future as we aggregate more data. As a hint of things to come check out our thread in the forums where we ask people about the Best Day of Week to Purchase a GPS. Stay tuned….

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