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Bean Bag GPS Mounts


I’ve been exchanging emails recently with Frank. Frank purchased a Magellan RoadMate 800 and loved it except for one nagging problem…. the windshield mount wasn’t sturdy enough and the RoadMate 800 vibrated so much you couldn’t read the screen.

I suggested he try lowering the windshield mount so the GPS rested on the dashboard, but was also held up by the windshield mount. Unfortunately this wouldn’t work in his car since the dashboard slopes down and away so much.

I suggested a RoadMate Dash Mount, but Frank had already returned the RoadMate 800 and purchased a Garmin StreetPilot 2720. He installed it with the included bean bag mount and it appears to be working wonderful for his application.

It’s nicely shaped and filled with some kind of weighted “beans”. It’s about four inches square, black{same as our dash} and the bottom is covered with a felt type material that prevents any slippage. We drove on semi-rough city streets and rather smooth highway surfaces. Lo and behold there was NO visible vibration. We could read all printed material at all times. This is exactly what we wanted.

One Response

  1. The problem with bean bag mounts is that they don’t “prevent *any* slippage”. I’ve got a MINI Cooper and can easily cause my 2610 to become dislodged from the dash going around a ramp (albeit admittedly at just below escape velocity). I would definitely not trust one in an accident, but *most* of the time, they’re probably acceptable. It’s definitely the most convenient way to mount a GPS in a rental car, where they frown on sticking things to or drilling holes in the dash. 🙂

    blalor - November 17th, 2005

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