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Best Picks


One of the most common questions people ask me is “which GPS do you use?” I understand the rationale behind the question– he who knows a ton about GPS probably knows what GPS is “best”. But “best” means entirely different things to different people, and the “best” GPS for me probably isn’t the same for you. Instead, I turn the questioning back around and try to figure out what the customer needs for features, and then determine which GPS will best meet their needs. In the end, that is what the customer really wants to know… what is the best GPS for them.

So I tend to not answer those type of “which is best” type questions, and in truth, I own so many GPS devices that I rarely use a particular device more than once in a week. I’ve got the luxury of being able to think about my mission, and pick the best GPS for that task. Therein lies something I can easily answer… give me a specific scenario and I’ll be glad to tell people what is the best GPS for that task, and why I feel that way.

In that light, I’m going to start a series of “Best Picks” articles. Focusing on a particular trip or activity, letting people know which GPS I picked, and why I feel it is the best candidate for the job. Stay tuned for the first “best pick”.

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