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Building NAVTEQ Maps


A few months ago we posted about why maps are outdated. Cnet had written a story about their travels with the TeleAtlas crew while they were out mapping.

A similar article has now been published about NAVTEQ. The article came out at CNN and the author took a few spins around the NYC area mapping new streets, construction changes, etc.

The missing streets created a problem beyond simply making their current map inaccurate. They also meant that the two main roads through the area were, in a routing sense, cut off from each other. That could create a problem for you, the end user, at some point if you wanted to drive through that area.

They also discussed “local knowledge”, something that is difficult to impart on an electronic device.

They can’t always take into account real-world traffic patterns, Arcari explained, which is one reason the results can sometimes seem a little screwy to people who drive the streets every day. It’s also one reason my guess about how long it would take to reach Far Rockaway was so much closer than the Web sites’ estimates.

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