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Bushnell ONIX 200 CR


Scheduled to be available in February of 2007 is the Bushnell ONIX 200 CR. This device is very similar to the Bushnell ONIX 200 but adds a color screen. Like its grayscale sibling, the most fantastic feature about the ONIX 200 CR is the ability to download aerial photography, topographic maps, and satellite imagery and layer them on the display of this GPS device.

The Bushnell ONIX 200 CR will also have a SafeTrack mode where the GPS chipset will keep track of your location while other options on the GPS device will go into sleep mode to conserve battery power. The device runs on two AA batteries and is IPX7 waterproof rated.

27 Responses

  1. I purchased the Onix 200 CR-Saturday July7,2007, and where aerial photos are available(New Brunswick, Canada) it works great. There is no really good base map yet for New Brunswick, as well there seems to be no Topographical Maps, which will work on the GPS. I called Bushnell and the customer service is well below standard, and down right insulting. They could not give me a date when Woodstock NB would have either an aerial photo or topo map, which could be used by the GPS. That is the problem with putting all your trust in Bushnell…..they print one thing on the outside of the box, but deliver a lot less.

    For a GPS aimed at hunters and fisherman, I was also surprised it doesn’t offer best hunting/fishing times or any moon phase features at all. Something my old Garmin still does quite well.

    Also, when I called customer service, they said they were going to start to get the aerial photos in New Brunswick for the cities and populated areas and that was their only priority, who knows when they will ever get “Hunting or Fishing” area (remote) aerial photos ready? They missed the mark on who they were putting this product out for…..the people who Hunt and Fish…..who wish to leave the city to do so, not stay in it because the GPS only works there….

    I am not happy with my purchase that is for sure,

    Mike LeBlanc

    Mike LeBlanc - July 11th, 2007
  2. Probably the worst gps I have EVER used. The software sucks, as do the satellite pics, that you’re more than welcome to buy from them. Now that I have that out of the way… I’ve been using Garmin and military units for about ten years now. From the very first little yellow one to to the legend, to the vista c, to the 76csx, and a few others in between, the Garmins are to me, super easy to use right out of the box. The software is easy to use , and Google Earth opens right up in Map source. FOR FREE. This isn’t an ad for Garmin. I get mine free in the military. I’d just hate to see anyone waste their money on a bad product .

    Dave - August 5th, 2007
  3. This unit had amazing sensitivity and the display was very clear. The interface was as unintuitive as any I had ever seen though. It was hard to get useful data from it. The documentation was the poorest I had ever seen and did not help a lot. There was no NMEA output for 3rd party software to use. I returned the unit. Bushnell needs to rethink this product.

    Jack Bass - August 14th, 2007
  4. i don’t know what everbody’s major malfunction with this gps is but I think it great. opened it up, got my 4 free maps, installed them without ANY trouble,and now i have aerial photos of my favorite hiking and hunting spots. pictures suck? what do you want to zoom in on a tree? the picture in my opinion is suberb.yes you have to buy maps but that $70 dollars a year .is cheaper than topo software. i woulg reccommend this product to all sportsman.

    tatum - October 12th, 2007
  5. I started out many years ago with an e-trex. The simple yellow one. I graduated to a garmin sport trac pro (loved that one) and after it was lost ended up with a vista. All of them worked well.

    I lost my vista and while watching Outdoor Channel I saw a commercial for the Onix 200CR. I said, “That looks cool”. Unfortunately my wife heard me say that and she bought one for me as a gift.

    I love the fact that you can download topo maps and that feature works great with the exception that you have to have north “up” on the screen. It’s difficult to terrain associate when your map only points up.

    You can not easily progect a waypoint.

    You can NOT enter a coordinate as a projection using MGRS….you have to use Lat Long.

    It takes FOREVER (like 75 feet of movement) before your direction of movement registers/changes.

    I could continue on forever about the things I do not like about this GPS.

    If you are a first time user of a GPSR you will not know any difference and may be happy with this product. I can’t stand it. Hopefully this one becomes “lost” and I will go buy a garmin.

    Bill - December 28th, 2007
  6. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and have been using GPS a long time and have seen lots of units. This is by far the WORST GPS I have ever seen or used! I’m leaving it on my dashboard hoping someone will steal it and put me out of my misery.

    bill - January 27th, 2008
  7. I have used this unit for a bit and find it to be designed for a simplier gps user. The use of a compass overlay on top of images (satellite or topo) provides an easy to understand location and path route. It does not have some of the advanced features of other units and the .

    It does have some unusual menu and button paths to reach normal gps features that most of us are used to having within easy “reach”.

    Buttons are a workout for your fingers to manipulate. Menus and screens use same button different ways depending on area.

    Computer software companion is very basic and not very well thought out. Software does function but you are on your own to sort out what is does.

    Documentation is getting better but still leaves out some nice to know facts and methods.

    Most of the technical issues I have read from early reviews of units semm to have been resolved with newer software releases. Perhaps future releases of software will continue to add features and improve the interface.

    I would not suggest this unit for an experienced GPS user. New GPS users who prefer the visual approach to an electronic guide might be happy with unit?

    Mike - August 13th, 2008
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mike. That is some of the most constructive feedback I’ve heard about the Bushnell line.

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  9. this unit is junk nice unit good luck with software or technical support

    john - November 13th, 2008
  10. Hi everyone,
    OK, all of the negative feedback on this product scared me to death. I got my unit from Amex points, so I was never risking what many of you did, money. I was a little freakish getting this unit up and running properly because there website was offline for a while. BUT, for what I need, this GPS is the Bomb! I mean that in good ways. It works perfectly, but has limitations. My biggest problem is that I can’t get North Up which is my prefered orientation for GPS units. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend this unit to my Dad, but I would recomend it to anyone who is somewhat computer literate. I got all of my maps on the GPS and I love there software. I plan on using this GPS when I go on guided fishing trips and than using my breadcrumbs to study the maps for tournaments. I love the unit as it gives me everything I really needed, Satelite images and easy to turn on and off trails and breadcrumbs. It is hard to press buttons, but I like it that way as I hate when my gadget buttons are pressed while in gear bags. Old timers stay away, guys like me are thankful for such unit! By the way, I never needed tech support. I got it working properly with some trial and error.

    Donald Timpanaro - December 28th, 2008
  11. My wife got me this for my birthday, and I have been back to the store from where it was purchased to return it. The first, after two days of having it, started making a buzzing noise when it was turned off. The second, seemed to work fine until I did the software update from the Bushnell website. I called customer support which to my surprise was very lacking, but they couldn’t help. So now I am returning this one, and get my money back and go with either Megellan or Garmin.

    Travis - February 18th, 2009
  12. Bought a garmin vista hc, found it lacking with some of the functionality i was expecting. the vector maps were to bare and the base map sucked, and for better maps expect to pay more $ lots more… so I took it back and wound up getting this one based on some reviews I had read (not these reviews, lol) and basicly the 1$ topo or sat. maps sold me on this unit because I dont want to pay for maps I wont use, and I like having visual idea of where I am when hiking. The garmin was just black with the little cursor of where you are and a line showing where you had been. Overall opinion, satisfied. unit performs well and does the job. Oh and i will add the software dose take some getting used to but with trial and error you’ll figure it out.

    Chris R - May 13th, 2009
  13. i just got this babe two days ago, as soon as i got it i updated firmware UI, as result it got freeze the system, i just changed it for another one at the store where i purchased it, new one works perfect, and i like the system, the unique thing i can say i found bad, was the battery duration.

    (and in the newer gps i got i didnt updated firware, lol)

    Jesus Loera - June 12th, 2009
  14. I just bought a Onix 200Cr. Not too pleased with it. The buttons are very difficult to use with about a pound of pressure to use a button. The interface is clunky, not like an iPod. I use a Mac and this uses windows to transfer maps and images. I am going to return it.

    Lance - June 12th, 2009
  15. if ANYONE has the gen2 firmware upgrade PLEASE let me know. Bushnell has deleted the file from their site and refuses to repost it. Any help is appreciated.


    kevin - December 23rd, 2009
  16. Well just purchased this Onix 200CR. I must say it is junk. What a concept to sell individual little maps via a web site. The hardware is horrible. The software is worse. Bushnell has no business making GPS’s as the product and support have shown. Is anyone happy with this product. Can’t be! I could not figure out how to download the 4 free maps. I don’t think I had been given the credit for them but the site indicated I had. I simply boxed it back up and will do something with it! I would not sell this to any friend of mine much less give it to them.

    Any company that would release a product such as this has lost my business forever. I will never purchase another Bushnell product. The company ought to be ashamed and refund everyone’s money.

    Bushnell do the right thing, recall this item!

    Gary - December 24th, 2009
  17. Went hunting in Mont. with a group of guys and this was the poorest GPS in the group. Hard to use, hard to understand and was the slowest to pick up the satellites.
    I would never take it again.

    kelly - December 26th, 2009
  18. I found this Onix 200cr GPSr unit in a bargain discount store locally and checked the reviews here 1st before I bought it. Yea, the ratings were horrific, but for the price of a tank of gas it seemed worth a try. First of all I don’t work for Bushnell, but I am in the electronics trade so I love gadgets. So in general the product has some terrible design issues but the good thing is that they can be worked around if you are stuck with this unit such as I am now. I agree with the simple fact that Bushnell should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this GPSr out without a serious field test and then some modifications but it’s almost like they put it together and never tested it in a variety of senarios. I understand maybe doing that with a set of binoculars where life may not be at risk when they fog up but people tend to rely on their GPS units to the point where death is possible if it fails to work as expected. I personally would be cautious of buying anything with a reputation like this Bushnell Onix 200cr if I was to use it for something like . . . for example navigating a boat between islands when the fog comes rolling in. But for me it’s not that critical and I always carry a real compass and a map just in case. So here are the problems that I found . . . and my fixes in order to make it useable. The first glitch is the battery compartment, open it up and throw away that E clip that hangs onto the compartment opening screw, it makes getting in there and making a proper seal difficult. In order to get a good seal you will find that it’s best to only turn the screw in half way and then adjust the battery cover and than screw the screw all the rest of the way in while holding that battery cover in place, it really is fiddley and not as easy as any of the other GPSr units that I’ve owned. I use NiMH batteries and only the good ones rated at 2500mah or more simply because this unit will eat them up quickly. In general this unit will go through a set of batteries in 6 hours if you leave the display on 100% brightness or in 8 hours if you turn the backlight completely off so that you can scarely see the display in dim lighting situations, so with that knowledge I suggest that you put the display up to whatever brightness you like, I run mine at 100% brightness. Now there is a feature on these units called Safetrack, what a dumb name, it should really be called “energy save mode” or something like that because with that feature on the GPSr goes into a sleep where it rins at 1/10th the power level of “ON” so it’s possible to keep a set of batteries working for 60+ hours in this mode. The Safetrack mode must be setup with your own personal preferences such as “time before sleep” and number of breadcrumbs layed per minute while sleeping” and wheather to keep the “WAAS” feature on or off. In general, it’s best to deactivate the “WAAS” when the Safetrack is setup as well as set the breadcrumbs for 1/minute, I also set the “Display on” for 120 seconds just because I wanted to not have the unit shut down so frequently. It’s critical that “Safetrack” is setup with “WAAS” off or the unit will not actually drop into this power saving sleep but instead into a half sleep where it consumes batteries at about half the “ON” state rate. This GPS unit also can not really predict battery level, so it will say that the battery is half full only after the first 45 minutes ancd will show a dead battery level when they are only 1/3 spent. The solution to this is to know that you have fresh batteries and base battery life expectancy on your usage. So if you are using the unit like me with full brightness but you also let the GPSr fall into a “Safetrack” state 90% of the time then the batteries should be good for well over 24 hours, but I caution you to always bring an extra set of batteries because this is really an unpredictable method.
    So the buttons are tough to push, but they are solid and will probably last, my last GPSr had soft, easy to push buttons and it was forever randomly pushing buttons while I hiked along with it in my back pack. Also the Topo mapping has issues that you will just have to live with, such as if you want to use a Topographical map then your GPSr will automatically set the North-always-up view . . . I think it’s because the guys in the mapping department had no idea how to make the Topo map rotate with your movement, but anyhow if you choose to not use topo maps and only use the base map then North-always-up does not need to be engaged if you don’t like it. The Topo maps are about 9 square miles a piece (on the 49th parallel anyways) and I tend to choose the biggest one that I can get for my money but have found the same pixelation happening usually below the 1 mile zoom ratio, so I leave my zoom ratio at 1 mile or so in Map mode for the best viewing. To get a map it’s a little fiddley, and quite honestly I found the best way was to just plug my GPS unit into a USB port with a standard USB to USB cable and let the computer find it without using Bushnells software. The GPSr comes up as being an ONIX as well as being a “mass storage device”, and just like any other mass storage device you can open it up and look at the files. What I did was just transfer the topographical maps I had bought from Bushnell straight from the Bushnellgps site into the appropriate folder on the Onix (mass storgage device) while it was plugged in. This saves you the hassle of installing their software into every computer that you use. If you notice screen hickups, where the screen jumps at predictable intervals it’s the “My map data” in map mode that is dogging down the screen refresh, so you could turn “my map data” off or just shrink down the zoom ration to 1 or 2 miles so that there is not so much data for the GPS to look up in the “Points of interest” section. Also, this is one of those gadgets that YOU MUST READ THE BOOK and understand it. Short of that, i’d be lost in the bush with this gadget too. I went through a set of batteries just practicing with it as I read the book through, I never had to read the manual to work my computer, car, lawnmower, cell phone, VCR, or PDA but because the lack of knowledge with this particular GPS could end up in a messy senario, it’s best to read the damn book. Most of the stuff that I mentioned here is not found in the book so read this article after the book and then it will make sense.

    Ron - February 19th, 2010
  19. ONIX200CR
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT not matter what the cost is!
    About a week I ago i purchased this product I have wasted more time than what this device is worth trying to get it going, it works great if trying to find out if there are SATs in the sky near you.
    its a $100.00ca Paper Weight.
    the only thing I learned from this experience is
    NEVER BUY on impulse because the company name is well known next time do my research before I buy.
    I will stick to the MS Road and Trip usb GPS hooked up to the Laptop.

    Jose - April 2nd, 2010
  20. Okay so I’ve put just over 80 hours on this GPSr unit and yea it still is not a great unit. I had posted just previous to the paper weight guy, so this is my long term review. First of all, about the battery level, there is an audible alarm that does sound when the batteries are down to their last 5 minutes or so, this is accompanied by a little red flashing light as well. But if you want to really get to know what is up with your batteries, there is a service mode that you can use to check the voltage the batteries installed. This service mode was probably only used by the techs that built this unit and therefore must be used with a little bit of intelligence. Just hold down the center of the 5 way switch while you are powering on your unit. This will bring you to a monochrome service screen. Most of the test sequences in the list are boaring to you and I but the battery test sequence is usefull for seeing your true battery level to within 1/100th volt accuracy. What you should know is that this GPS unit does not work with a battery level below 2.100v . Anyhow, it might be usefull to someone, but anyways you have to remove the batteries on this unit in order to get out of service mode. Another issue that I never really mentioned, but was mentioned by somebody else is that this is not a good Geocaching GPS, actually it’s the worste that I’ve seen. The problem is that the unit stops recording your proximity to the target that you are tracking when you are within 50 feet, that is probably nice when driving, but not for geocaching. My way around this, and it is really grasping at straws, is to enter the name of your target as it’s minute,seconds co-ordinates, that way when I get closer I simply try to match the co-ordinates on the name of my target to the co-ordinates on the GPS unit. But that’s just desperate. Also, I had made mention to screen display hickups, but I really should have mentioned that they were only happening at freeway speeds so the GPS was unable to update the screen at zoom rations above 1 mile, But as far as hiking goes, it was flawless. Also another note on maps, the unit looks like it has enough memory to hold +130 Topo maps or satellite images and it will, but the designers of this unit made it so that only the first 50 topo/sat images would be used, the rest just aern’t read from the memory. Also, I had upgraded the software as mentioned on the Bushnell site and found that my unit started locking up to the point where I had to remove the batteries in order to get it to work again. I had also installed a Satellite image into the photo folder on the GPS unit at the same time, so I am not 100% sure which event caused the lockups, but other than that, I’ve not had any other lockups. I had returned my previous unit for another one when it locked up because of this and it is nice to know that all maps that I downloaded are easily swapped into any other unit that I got so my maps were still all mine. I also did download some satellite images which I placed into the topo menu on my GPS just out of curiosity, and yes they do work from that folder just fine. All maps take up the same size up memory, about 300k unless you accidently select black/white which is half the size. On another note, the maps appear to be just Jpeg images with Bushnells modified header attached to it in order to allow the maps to locate themselves in their correct GPS locations, plus it locks up the software so that Bushnell are the only ones selling them. The unit actually does take quite a while to find the satellites, which sometimes took 5 minutes, weather on a clear day or not. The accuracy is great and I am able to see accuracies to the level of knowing which side of the road I was driving on when looking on the topo maps. This GPS was also able to hold satellite lock in some really tough spots that my previous units could not do. Other than that, the unit is fine for a variety of GPS applications once you except it’s faults, but I would never use this unit as a piece of survival gear, did I mention that it does have a nice colour display?

    Ron - April 10th, 2010
  21. WOW! am I ever glad I found this site! The reviews for the onix200cr are all very true. I picked up one of these from a discount electronics store and could not believe my luck, until I tried to use the interface and download maps from Bushnell. Very bad software. No customer support, in fact very ignorant and lots of attitude. I have been left to figure this out on my own. THANK YOU RON! For your hard work and most of all sharing your results. If it were not for you I would have chucked this thing out long ago. I finally managed to download maps, but have to import them into my GPS threw a silly and painful way. the Software provided by Bushnell is only good for me to enter in way points to the hand held GPS. This unit is a bargain at $80, but you better have lots of experience with GPS units and lots of patience. I do love the buttons and display though.

    Len - August 15th, 2010
  22. This is the biggest POS I have ever owned. Stay clear of this unit. DO NOT BUY!!! The battery pack is a joke, it only lasts about 6 hours if you are not using Safe Track. I used this unit for a dirt bike adventure in Colorado and halfway through each day the unit’s battery died. When I got home and tried to download my route I was unable to. This GPS is junk.

    Corey - August 23rd, 2010
  23. WOW, after reading all the responses, I’m not so hot for the Onix200cr. 1st– I’m not all that great as far as computers go nor do I care to spend very much time on these machines. A small amt. of research is about it. My biggest complaint is WHY DOES ONE HAVE TO BUY EXTRA SOFTARE TO DOWNLOAD MAPS OF THEIR AREA OF INTEREST. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE UNIT IS SOLD IN THAT COUNTRY (CANADA ). It should aready have,( whatever country the unit is sold in )that mapping installed as the main map. P.S.–YES,a gps unit is a computer,just a more useful tool for outdoor people.

    Alex Lekopoy - September 21st, 2010
  24. These are JUNK!!!!! I bought 3 last year before hunting season for my computer literate sons, we have never gotten the things to work! The directions to use the thing are nearly impossible, waited forever on Bushnell’s tech support, then when trying to load the maps, the computer freezes…. repeatedly. Not Happy at all, I bought 3 almost a year ago and still can’t use these pieces of junk! All I get from the techs are “I am very sorry mam”
    and the tech told me this unit was put out 5 years ago! and the NEW models are wonderful, So why are retailers still selling an old outdated piece of junk? If Bushnell doesn’t want to deal with them other than I am sorry Mam, then why didn’t they recall the pieces of junk. I am so mad, I have spent most of today alone trying one more time to get these to work and all I got is an I’m sorry Mam!!!!!!
    Wow, don’t buy, don’t buy, don’t buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Susan - November 18th, 2010
  25. This is without a doubt the WORST POS gps I have ever seen or tried to use. I won it at a MC rally and thought it might prove to be useful. NOT! Software sucks, instructions suck and Busnell supposed support sucks BIG TIME! Tried for 3 hours to “download maps’ Gave up. Will just throw in garbage can cause I won’t want this POS to fall into anyones hands. I use and have used Garmin units for years. Now I know why. This should be thrown away or returned immediately. POS!

    Jerry Bowen - December 15th, 2010
  26. I can’t believe how long it takes for the GPS to get a signal. I was walking around the waterfront – a large open area – today. Clouds were absent, the skies were blue and clear, but it still took ~10 minutes for this thing to get a signal. The whole time I’m just staring at the SAT screen watching the white polygon spinning around in circles. Even my piece of crap Magellan Roadmate 1200 gets a signal faster.

    Jake - June 12th, 2011
  27. Terrible unit…used it several times and my phone was more accurate and helpful. Don’t waste your money. I got this one for $50.00 and am returning it to the store…thank goodness I know where the store is because I’m not sure this GPS could find its way ANYWHERE!

    I was going to re-sell on e-Bay but then thought I would not even subject others to this piece of junk.

    Spend your money on something else.

    David - June 21st, 2011

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