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Bushnell ONIX 400 CR


One More Bushnell GPS device to talk about this week, the Bushnell ONIX 400 CR. This handheld GPS receiver packs in aerial photos, satellite photos, and other maps onto the display like its other siblings the Bushnell ONIX 200 and the Bushnell ONIX 200 CR. In addition the ONIX 400 CR provides XM weather to overlay weather maps such as radar onto the display.

The XM weather capabilities allow this GPS to display weather forecasts, current weather conditions, and weather warnings to the device. The weather information can be setup as a layer on top of the GPS maps.

Don’t want to be away from the game while outside? You can also get sports scores via XM displayed on the ONIX 400.

With this device you will get a 3.5 inch color display at 320×240 pixels. It also comes with Bushnell’s SafeTrack mode which will turn off all unnecessary device operations except for the GPS itself in order to conserve battery power. It is also waterproof to IPX7 standards and comes with a 64MB MicroSD slot just like many of the Garmin handhelds.

Expect to pay about $500 for the 400 CR when it is released in February the summer.

158 Responses

  1. Onix 400 is fine, but when we tried to activate XM, they told up Bushnell released the unit too soon and XM could not be activated.

    This however was untrue, I called Bushnell and then registered online. they are getting the XM activated. The reason XM would not activate the service was because they do not have their billing updated to be able to bill the customer for the weather service.

    Bushnell will get your service activated for you and you will not have to pay for the service until XM gets their system.

    Lisa Smalley - January 9th, 2008
    • I recently got one, feared the worst seeing reviews. Data and map loading is difficult, but possible. Does anyone know if larger cap. micro sd cards will work? I think mine is maxed out. SD caard self test failed show oo startup screen.

      brett erwood - October 30th, 2010
      • I tried a couple of different sized and speed (Class) cards and was able to deduce that the 400 only accepts Class 2 cards. Haveing tried an 8GB Class 6 and a 4GB Class 4 cards to no avail, I ordered a 2GB Class 2 card off the Internet (about $8 with shipping). Because I was concerned with compatibility, I stayed with the San Disk brand (what ships with the 400 and what Bushnell recommends). There are cards that are larger, but I’m not sure I would go beyond the 2GB size. One of the things I noticed after inserting the 2GB, is that the boot time is extended. Haven’t loaded a lot of maps yet, but I imagine that once you do, the boot time is even longer as it tries reading them.

        Ron - October 30th, 2010
        • Have Bushnell Onix 350 with 1GB sd card works well. At first when tried received error msg “sd card failed” simply took it out and put it back in making sure was seated properly and has worked ever since.

          I am looking for a better basemap of canada as one that c/w unit has virtually no data for up hear anyone know of a site can get one as bushnell and navteq no help

          Dave - April 8th, 2011
  2. I think the Onix 400 is unbelievable as a tool for use in the field – the satellite/radar imagery is great- I wonder if Garmin is planning to do the same? This will be the next “new” thing as it is possible to decide, for example, to keep on hiking because it is clear from XM transmissions that the storms you are hearing are not on track to hit you, etc.

    Dave - July 7th, 2008
  3. Has anyone actually used this thing? I’m having a very hard time finding user reviews…which in the case of the Magellan Triton, meant that it was not a good product (pulled from the market it was so bad). Would appreciate useful user review.

    Scott Miller - July 8th, 2008
  4. Yes, I have one. The greatest thing about it is the weather feature- when you’re hiking you can see where the storms are, where they’re going, and whether or not you should head for below treeline. In fact, I’m a ranger who spends a lot of time above treeline, so it’s actually made a huge difference- I can now see the radar/satellite composite image, animated,so that I have decided on numerous occasions despite the fireworks I was OK to remain in place, and that it was OK for hikers to do so as well.

    GPS features: I believe it is ahead of itself in terms of capability. I don’t understand how to use it frankly. I rely upon other devices for GPS, like my Garmin 60CSx. I had trouble loading the maps from the site.

    It is large, clunky, somewhat heavy, and doesn’t take AA batteries, a problem for a device that eats through its lithium battery.

    Despite the down side I think I will hold on to it for a bit longer. I have a Blackberry, and while I can access weather imagery (try weatherTap.com) on it, the screen is much smaller than the Bushnell.

    The service is excellent- I’ve received several phone calls from a technician, and he’s been great- I know him by first name. Although I haven’t had the patience yet to try to load detailed maps to the unit.

    I do think it opens up a MUCH bigger question for the GPS users community- The ability to combine GPS and radar imagery on one screen will blow people away. Even for driving, I’ve had the unit in my car and I have avoided seriously bad weather as a result. But for hiking? Unbelievable. I presume this is the first salvo of a new possible technology that will take off.

    Bushnell uses XM so the advantage is that you can get a signal anywhere in the CONUS. I know there are other devices for pilots that do the same thing- but they are very expensive. The next best thing seems to be these sites- which I’d be happy to talk more about- that are available where there’s cell service- but that can be a problem for backcountry users.

    Any ideas about the appropriate forum or sub-forum to discuss this would be appreciated. I think it’s the next new thing but see nobody talking about it.

    Dave - July 8th, 2008
  5. I returned mine after encountering their programing glitches and numerous unit freeze ups.
    Its now been three weeks with no callbacks from customer service. I had purchases the 140 downloads for $79.00 but again, they won’t respond to numberous attempts. Would like my
    money back!!!

    Rob - October 14th, 2008
  6. I bought one for my husband and will return it in the next few days if I don’t get any results. Have activated XM weather, cannot keep activation on the unit, no detailed radar, not even an option in the drop boxes. Bushnell has not been helpful.

    Jill - October 17th, 2008
  7. Just received mine but have not had a chance to use it or activate XM. Some of the comments are a little dicouraging except for Ranger Dave’s. This is my first GPS device and I hope it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

    George - November 11th, 2008
  8. i should add that i returned my onix. i think it’s ahead of its time. other companies like garmin- they do have high end units for professional navigators that employ xm wx. the next step would be to bring this technology to the handheld market- Bushnell took a big step- I’m hoping they don’t have an exclusive contract with XM WX because I’m hoping a far more capable company like Garmin can do this, for those of us that don’t fly planes but use GPS for hiking. I would even think it wouuld be a huge asset for drivers- to know that you’re heading into a storm-and you don’t have 4WD- that would be huge. Right now you can get forecasts on your GPS but what we really need are satellite/radar composite pictures, with underlying landmarks and highways.

    Dave - November 11th, 2008
  9. How does the Bushnell Noix 400 do with Gocaching?
    Will it receive corrdinates from Geocaching.com like the Garmins will?

    What about accuracy?
    I have a Garmin GPSMAp60Cs, it get’s me to about +/- 5ft.

    Elevation accuracy?

    Does it have a “Satellite’s in View” display?

    Does it have the ability to output data?

    Does it output data in a standard format?
    (ie.: .GPX, NEMA ot .txt)

    This would all be good information to know.

    Phil - December 26th, 2008
  10. I have one and it is on good for the fisherman. I have been looking for a lakes and rivers maps, but on luck. What gets me is for all the money I spend I can not even get road maps. That is the reason GPS were made. I do not want to have to spend more moeny for weather or XM. I just want to know where I am and where I am going.

    Michael Welch - April 28th, 2009
  11. I just bought one of these and so far I am very pleased with it.

    I activated it with the XM Skywatch service.

    The quick radar updates in about 6 minutes and is consistent with online nexrad radar images. The lightning warnings work. The clouds display. It all works fine.

    The radar summary function requires the unit to be on for at least 45 minutes before it will appear.

    For correct operation, the north up display must be used with weather, but that’s okay as far as I am concerned. They told me at Bushnell it does that because the display couldn’t support the required resolution at all the different angles for the weather if operated in the track up mode.

    The compass works okay when I am walking, but it does not work in my car.

    I also was able to update it to the Gen 2 level software.

    I plan to use it in my aircraft as I think it is sufficient for my purposes at a much lower cost than true aviation units.

    Bob G - October 8th, 2009
    • Have been trying to get my new ONIX 400 to accept the XM SKywatch weather signal for 2 days now. I see the antenna bars. but get nothing but a “No Data” response on the screen. If anyone had any ideas, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks, Jack

      Jack - December 12th, 2009
    • I am considering one of these. I have an opportunity to purchase a new generation 1 at a very low price, however I wanted generation 2 for the ALMANAC feature. How difficult was it for you to upgrade to generation 2? Is the almanac feature functioning? Are there any considerations/recommendations you can make?

      Jeff H - April 4th, 2010
  12. I am currently very disappointed with this unit. From the beginning, trying to figure out how to download maps. When I got that down the maps whether topo or aerial are not that good.
    I bought a second battary thinking I could be charging one while using the other. NO The battary has to be in the unit to charge it!! I was interested in the XM radio until I realized there is no speaker other then ear buds.
    I wanted to download Forest Service topo maps but discovered they are not allowed. Also the maps are limited to 3 square mile maps. I wanted the US area.
    I am taking it elk hunting this comming week and will report back on its gps effectiveness. The weather availability is a plus though…

    Stevef - November 3rd, 2009
    • So, how did it work during your hunting trip?

      Matt - December 3rd, 2009
  13. Must be not making them anymore. Woot has them tonight for $99. I was mildly interested. Glad I read the comments. Pass.

    sbukosky - December 3rd, 2009
  14. Oops I accidentally bought one on woot.

    Bjerhoghde - December 8th, 2009
  15. Oh my what a disappointment, A salesman at a large retail store sang the praises of this GPS system, so when woot featured it for $99, I bought 3 for our company. I’m praying I have better luck. I’ll check reviews for now on.

    Linda - December 9th, 2009
  16. Ok. I got one from my friend – he bought it at Woot!. I like it – but the website is very hard to use (and I have a Computer Science degree – so…). I bought the $29.99/yr unlimited maps and you’ll need it because you can only buy a section – 8 miles. That’s it – just 8 miles. Holy crap. If you want to download something serious like a trip to North Dakota from Texas – it will be a LONG TIME.
    The XM service is $16.95/mo – yes = per month. So, after the 29.99/yr for maps plus $203.40/yr for XM plus the one time charge of $25 – you are looking at over double of what the unit cost my friend. It’s like a razor – give away the razor because XM and Bushnell will rake it in on fees. … ugh.

    jack - December 9th, 2009
  17. I think the only advantage of the Onix is the real-time Doppler using XM’s XMWX (weather). Since it’s satellite based you can get it anywhere. This to me is something that the major GPS manufacturers have missed- the ability to look at your map, whether it’s topographic and you’re trying to figure out whether you’re about to be hit by a storm, or even a road map and you want to avoid a blizzard, having GPS transposed on a map is desirable. The closest thing is MSN Direct available on a Garmin car unit I have- the Nuvi 885T, but since it’s not satellite based you can’t get a signal everywhere. The next best thing is probably an iPhone with some of the latest weather apps, but I can’t afford that. Having messed up the Onix, Bushnell missed a possible niche of people interested in the weather.

    Dave - December 10th, 2009
  18. I see that a few people has purchased a few of these units on Woot. My question is, does anyone know if you can subscribe to the XM-Weather Services (16.95/mo) and use the service/subscription on two or more devices?

    Phil A - December 10th, 2009
    • Hey Phil – Yes, you can. But you have to pay for each radio number (xm number) – you get discounted prices on multiple units.

      jack - December 10th, 2009
      • Jack, Thanks for quick the answer. However I dont think I understand what you mean. So what your saying is that Yes, I can have 1 subscription for 2 units? But all I would have to pay extra is 2 “activation” fee’s? Not 2 monthly fee’s?

        Say for example, I wanted to order the XM radio and the Weather service for 16.95, again I have two units, so I would only need to pay 16.95(1qty) for the radio and weather service. but share the service on two devices?

        Phil A. - December 11th, 2009
        • Hey Phil – Sorry, I was confusing, but yes, I understand what you mean – and I mean that you have to buy two subscriptions (one for each radio ID) – but you get a small discount on the second subscriptions.

          jack - December 13th, 2009
  19. I just got mine in the mail and yes it’s from the saem above listed company as the others mentioned too. I want to use this for flying and wanted to know if anyone had thoughts to if it would work good or has expiereince of using it in an airplane themselves. What features could I use? XM weather seams pretty obviuos but what about navigating too?

    robert - December 10th, 2009
    • I bought this for the same purpose. I have flown with it – not in actual ifr – yet but it appears to work fine. The speed and direction match my aviation gps’s.

      I think having the NEXRAD info is sufficient for my purposes. This gives you a nice big picture of where the weather is. And it does show areas where lightning is present, strong winds, and clouds. You can get the METAR’s from flight service, so I don’t think it is worth the extra $20 a month more for the subscription, not to mention the higher price to get the equipment to get the full aviation service. Since I am an XM radio subscriber, it only costs me $9.95 a month for the Skywatch service. By the way, I have friends who have the aviation package. They have told me if they don’t use their unit for a while, XM will shut the weather off. They have to call in to get it going again. I have not experienced that with the Skywatch service on the Onix 400.

      Regarding navigation, it does not have the aviation data base so you are stuck with entering LAT LON info if you want to use it to navigate to a particular location. But I use the aviation gps’s for that purpose. It is interesting having an electronic compass, but it doesn’t work well inside my car or aircraft. It does appear to work correctly when I am walking outside.

      I like the unit. I am sorry I missed the woot deal. I got mine for a little over $200 so that wasn’t too bad.

      Robert - December 10th, 2009
      • I had a VERY difficult time getting XM to hook up and weather package for the system. They had me calling all sorts of people; weather services in Alabama, Bushnell themselves, and eventually calling XM again because no one would take responsibility for hooking up the XM provider for me. What XM service do you have for flying, and who did you call to get it installed? I have had the unit for a year and finally gave up on it. I dont get NEXRAD, and pretty much can only use the compass.

        Thanks, Jesse

        Jesse - October 26th, 2010
  20. anybody got any tips on downloading the maps? ive somehow used all of my free credits trying to download one frame and i cant even see it on the unit. how long does it take? will it let me know when it is done downloading? i left the damn thing on there for about 20 minutes and it still had the usb mode screen on there when i got tired of waiting for it. help!

    Tyler - December 10th, 2009
    • I’m having the same proble with mine. I spen 3 hours screwing around with this thing trying to do a simple down load. I’m pretty computer literate but this things a pain in the rear end. I’m also disapointed with the small map area that it covers. I subscribed to the $29.95 just so I could try to figure it out. I am very disapointed with it at this point!

      Ron - December 12th, 2009
      • subscribed to this thread hoping to get an answer to the download issues. WTF? i’m also pretty computer literate and i’m frustrated with this thing?

        jd - December 13th, 2009
        • Well, I have to tell you. I have NOT successfully download a single map from the website. I only did my house location then every “square” around my house. We are talking about – maybe 24 square miles. Failure. Epic failure. It will not do a thing. I gave it time, waited for the website and then got an error. I’m VERY frustrated right now. I have to plan a route to North Dakota from Houston? 8 miles at a time? This is just ridiculous. I would love to smell class-action lawsuit at this point. Major money investment – with GPS and “unlimited” map downloads (that don’t happen).

          jack - December 13th, 2009
          • i figured it out, you got to turn off your pop up blocker. i was having trouble with mozilla firefox, but was successful with internet explorer. ask if you need any more help

            Tyler - December 16th, 2009
          • Tyler, you hit the nail on the head! Just bought a new laptop and could not dnld a single map (til now). Have dnld’ed over 800 on my other computer, so I know the maps dnld!

            Now I shall write my own review…

            Michael David \hiltner - September 6th, 2010
  21. I ordered this unit through Woot and just got it yesterday. I normally like to navigate using magnetic north rather than true north. I have changed the compass to magnetic north but I am not sure how to change the north arrow on the map screen from true north to magnetic north. Perhaps this isn’t possible. Can anyone help me with this?

    Kevin - December 11th, 2009
    • Hey Kevin, I just got mine too and figured out how to do it. You have to hit menu, go into the settings. Scroll down to “compass” and change true north to magnetic north. Hope that helps.

      Phil A. - December 11th, 2009
  22. I also bought one off Woot, got it yesterday. I was playing with it last night.

    Maybe I am missing something but I can’t get it to accept Lat/Long input in the ddd mmm.mmmmm format.

    As it came out of the box it was configured for a different format, but I always use degrees, minutes, decimal minutes (instead of degrees, minutes, seconds). I found where to make the change, looked good as the display would read properly.

    Now I wanted to enter a waypoint. I think I am doing this correctly, at least it looks proper. I get to the screen where I can enter Latitude and Longitude: Latitude entered OK, but that was because I wanted to enter 38 degrees, some minutes.

    The problem was when I tried to enter the longitude: 117 degrees. It wouldn’t accept it! It would NOT allow me to enter a three digit value for degrees!

    I could switch back to degrees, minutes and seconds and it would accept a three digit degree, but not in ddd mm.mmmmm format.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    Is there a work around, other than not use the ddd mm.mmmmm format?

    Rod - December 11th, 2009
    • Rod, you have to enter in -117 vice 117 for the unit to recognize your coordinates. Latitude is ie: 34 (not -34).

      Try that out. I use the standard inputs:

      34.78427 & -110.99025 as an example. Though I have more detailed coordinates, the GPS is accurate to 5 decimal places. Not too sure about the ddd mm.mmmmm format.

      Keep playing with it.

      Michael David Hiltner - September 6th, 2010
  23. I was wondering about two things: will the onix 400 handle the extra resolution available with a higher end XM weather subscription? And, how is the reception in an aircraft without the external headphone antenna assembly?

    Al - December 12th, 2009
  24. I also, would like to know if anyone has tried using XM Avaitor or Aviator Lite on the ONIX 400? – Thanks.

    Jack - December 12th, 2009
  25. Got maps to download. There is a download GPS faq.

    However, I downloaded a bunch of maps for the area round my office and city. None of them come up. I don’t know if I have to select them or whether they should appear as I enter the area with the topo or arial.

    Not unhappy with it yet. The price was right for what I was going to use it for. The XM/Weather is a free option right now. XM is offering 100 off for new subs so I am contemplating it.

    stephen - December 15th, 2009
    • Stephen, I have the Onix350. Yes you have to press:
      HOT Button\MAP Details\ and verify Photos is checked.

      As you move from one map to the adjacent one, the unit blends them seemlessly.

      Michael David Hiltner - September 6th, 2010
  26. I would be interested in purchasing an Onix if I could find one somewhere- I only need the doppler radar

    Dave - December 15th, 2009
    • I got my Onix 400 Friday and have come to learn that the weather/radar does not cover the Bahamas so am going to have to unload. Jack

      Jack - December 15th, 2009
  27. XM has activated my ONIX400, but it says SkyWatch is NOT Activated, and the hi-res RADAR feature is not working. I waited at least 45min. Satellite, Quick Radar, music and other features do work.

    QUESTION: What is the name of the package required for the high-resolution RADAR to work and does it cost more than $10?

    THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!

    John - December 16th, 2009
  28. I have been playing with my unit for a week now and I am so disappointed in it. Unless mine is just broken it is just unbelievable how badly they screwed up the user interface.

    Waypoints: The “quick start” manual (the only manual I have found” tells you how to enter a waypoint for where you currently are. How do you enter a way point for some place you want to go to?

    I figured out how to enter the coordinates for a “go to” but I haven’t figured out how to enter that as a waypoint.

    I still have not been able to manage entering coordinates in degrees / minutes format instead of degrees / minutes / seconds format.

    I also failed at downloading the maps. I started with the four free credits, selected the maps I wanted (I chose satellite views), clicked “capture”, drug the four files down to the “gps” area, clicked on download: the click box dimmed, my credits were consumed, but otherwise nothing happened.

    This thing is just not usable! I can’t download to it, I can’t enter waypoints, I can’t operate in the hddd mm.mmmmm format.


    Rod - December 16th, 2009
  29. Rod
    I agree with having a lot of hit an miss success downloading maps, etc. I found it necessary to download version 2.2 of Bushnell GPS PC Companion (not on the included disc) before I had any success. Getting TOPO or Aerial maps to come up on the unit has been very sketchy. This unit is less than user freindly.


    Mark - December 16th, 2009
    • I thought that the PC companion was only for getting the data onto the GPS. The interface for downloading the maps, at least what I have been attempting, is a web based application running in the web browser.

      Are you able to download maps directly from PC companion?

      Rod - December 16th, 2009
      • Rod, this is a 3 layer system.
        1) Onix350 (in my case)
        2) Bushnell GPS Companion software
        3) http://www.maps.bushnellgps.com/BushnellNew/Default.aspx

        #3 is where your maps are dnld from to your computer.
        #2 is the interface between the unit and maps.
        #1 will bog down if you are like me and are map heavy! My unit takes over 7 mins to turn on, no problem for me. I have loaded over 800 maps on my unit (L1).

        Michael David Hiltner - September 6th, 2010
        • Mike, can I get you to contact me at my personal email about my onix 400? I am new to these gps units an no clue where to start downloading an unfortunately I didn’t find the bushnell website that helpful. I am looking to dl topo maps for the lower 48, all of them! My email is crazycelt1969@gmail
          Thank you

          Aaron - November 1st, 2010
        • Michael, I would love it if you could contact me personally as well, with some instructions. Not having a lot of fun trying to figure out getting maps on my gps! ronaldo20@email.com

          Thanks, Colwyn.

          Colwyn - January 1st, 2011
  30. download successful!

    I discovered that:

    1) Firefox doesn’t work on the Bushnell website. Internet explorer crashes and/or locks up but it will manage to download a map or two before the crash.

    2) Once you have used your credits on a map you can download it as often as you like, which is good because it may require several attempts.

    Now, if I can just figure out how to enter a waypoint in ddd mm.mmmmm format I would be good to go.

    Rod - December 16th, 2009
    • Just got off the phone with Bushnell customer support:

      Bad news: You can’t enter a waypoint for a location other than where you are at. This makes it impossible to use for situations where you want to pre-enter a series of waypoints that you intend to follow. It also makes it difficult to use for geocaching and many other uses.

      The customer rep also confirmed the “bug” regarding entering a three digit value for degrees in the hdd mm.mmmm format. His unit was a Gen 2 so there is no hope that a software upgrade will fix this.

      Anyone want to buy an Onix 400 ?

      Rod - December 17th, 2009
      • Wow that stinks I got one of these off the WOOT deal and am not sure I should return it or not.

        kn - December 23rd, 2009
      • Rod, you were given MIS-INFORMATION!

        I reside in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I am able to place WAYPOINTS, ROUTES and anything else I wish (to L1 maps I have dnld’d for Arizona) via the companion software that you load onto your computer!

        This software is an INTERFACE between your unit & the maps you have dnld’d.

        You can zoom into one of your maps, workl whatever features you want to, and once finished, dnld it to your unit!

        I will agree there is NO HELP file with the software, so either you have to surf the net (for sites like this), or PLAY with the unit & software OR call the HELP LINE for your answers.

        I have encountered many problems, but I have also had the paitence to workout all of my problems (to date).

        This is NOT a plug & play unit! You have to anticipate problems with such a unit. Bushnell got pissed with the amount of BAD feedback, and has discontinued my unit (Onix350). For my needs, it is going to do what I need it to do!

        Michael David Hiltner - September 6th, 2010
  31. How do I contact someone to purchase an Onix since our emails are blocked? Is there an instant message function on this forum?

    Dave - December 17th, 2009
    • Dave – have postede earlier and may be able to help. Is there a way to contact you? Jack

      Jack - December 17th, 2009
  32. Anyone wanting to get rid of Onix- dt@brown.edu

    Dave - December 17th, 2009
  33. Same problem here…can’t figure out the map downloads. Is it better to buy the $29.99 unlimited downloads? Anyone have step by step instructions?? I could sure use some help.

    Daren - December 18th, 2009
  34. depends on how many maps you are planning to download. me, im going to download roughly 300 maps so i would definately get the unlimited for a year. i think it is a better deal for the money anyways, but if you are only going to download less than 100 or so id just get the month one.

    as far as actually downloading them goes, there are several posts here that explain it, and if it is still unclear then they have a step by step that is somewhat a little unclear, but makes sense once you actually do it successfully. be sure to turn your popup blocker off and restart your browser, also use internet explorer, i found firefox didnt work for me.

    Tyler - December 19th, 2009
  35. Does anyone know if you can download more detailed road maps?

    John - December 20th, 2009
  36. Some helpful info. – http://www.xm411.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=32506

    Steve - December 22nd, 2009
    • Thanks for the link, very much appreciated!

      E - December 22nd, 2009
  37. Got my wife one of these for Christmas and got it up and running on Christmas day. Haven’t taken it out hiking yet, just tried it out in my neighborhood, and everything seems to work very nicely, and is pretty user friendly.

    Went back into the house and tried to load some maps on to the device and that was not as user friendly. I finally got the software to load the maps on the device after about 45 mins or so, and changing computers. The Onix 400 does not like Firefox or Vista at all, once I hooked everything up on our PC that runs XP and IE, everything worked fine. I was able to load maps of the area relatively easily.

    Dan - December 28th, 2009
  38. I updated my units firmware to the Gen-2 version, which fixed one of the issues. I can now enter a 3 digit value for longitude degrees when in the ddd mm.mmmmm format.

    I am now having other issues that are making this thing impossible to use.

    In “MAP” mode by default the cursor is located at your current position and remains locked. If you move the cursor using the 5-way switch the cursor position and current position are no longer linked. This is true of many other GPS units but unlike other brands I have not found a way to re-link them other than power cycling.

    Has anyone discovered how to do this?

    The unit also seems to take a very long time to power on if the SD memory card is full of maps.


    Rod - January 4th, 2010
    • How or where can you update the firmware to Gen 2?

      R Hope - October 14th, 2010
  39. Regarding repositioning the cursor back to your current location, there is a “where am I now?” pick choice on the map menu.

    Robert - January 5th, 2010
  40. Im looking at one now mainly for weather, but getting discoureged

    lou - January 6th, 2010
  41. The quick radar, animate and cloud information does display as I hoped it would. However the information does not update. Checking the data update status it shows receiving data, but eventually indicates the update failed. I am using the XM NavWeather service as the documentation states. If I power the unit off and remove the battery, and restart it downloads and displays the current information, but again will not update. Some one else was using the XM Skywatch, not sure if that will make a difference.

    John - January 27th, 2010
    • When I change the XM Packge from XM NavWeather to XM SkyWatch the data started updating every 2 min. I have since flown from Indiana to Florida and it desplayed position speed and weather info as I had hoped it would. Iam pleased with the ONIX400.

      John - February 19th, 2010
  42. Damn all this stuff is really starting to freak me out. I feel ike Bushnell tricked me into thinking these things were not in stock because they were so darn good. Great now I wonder if I can and should send this thing back and find something better. Anyone know of any other GPS units out there that are better? As far as map downlading and all that…I thought all that stuff was very easy…so now I am wondering about the performance itself. I am seeing reviews of the processor being super slow and only able to hold 20 maps at a time. And as far as price goes looks like everyone here got the good deal but me.

    Juston - February 8th, 2010
  43. Just doing this because I forgot to get the follow up comment box checked.

    Juston - February 8th, 2010
  44. I have figured out how to download, and it works fine. I can view the file in the GPS unit under ariel, but I cannot get it to show up on the GPS as a map at all. It’s kind of a pain to use aint it. 🙂

    I am still hoping to get it working and get the weather going for when 4 wheeling and camping, and the XM radio can be plugged into my camper stereo for some campfire sounds.

    I hope.


    Maverick - February 8th, 2010
  45. I got the Onix350 on Woot for $70.
    The online Maps account is a joke. I blew my 4 free credits just trying to figure out how to download them and still can’t find them on my PC.
    There’s something about this unit that’s not quite right – almost like a toy. The plugs and battery compartment seem awfully fragile.
    This is my first GPS – and for $70 – I guess it’s ok.

    Tim - February 15th, 2010
  46. Got all the arial maps to download and work on the GPS(couple of posts up.). I think correcting the security settings in my Vista OS helped. Got that tip from the Bushnell FAQs section. Resolution is not that good, it will take a long time to download a ton of maps. The XM works even in the house. Hope to get it all working together this spring.


    maverick - February 17th, 2010
  47. Would you be interested in selling it for
    the price you paid, Tim? Do you have a Paypal account?

    Now, lemme make sure. This is the model that does not have that XM bells and whistles, right? It does not look like the ones (with a terrain map) that Bushnell shows but simply a colored screen, right?



    Dammit!! Posting this is like all these negative comments that the unit is so difficult to use!! Try #5!

    Muggles - February 19th, 2010
  48. So far no problems. Unit might be a bit tough for people not computer savy but I was able to use all features except XM NAV weather (which I havent subscribed too) so far. Mapdown loading does seem complicated but found it easier to just download from web to PC companion than drag over to unit like an external harddrive

    Joe B - March 28th, 2010
  49. Ok, So I got this ting now and I like it. (except the part about it not using easily replaceable AA batteries) HOWEVER, I do not recommend loading over 50 Mb of stuff at once because the bootup time is rediculous and it seems it redraws the WHOLE area selected even if the map is not shown on the screen when you ‘arrow’ off of one side. Takes a long time too. I recommend only loading the area to be used and keep your maps on a seperate usb memory to replace the ones in the unit as they are needed. I have problems getting IE8 to pull up the zip file link but Firefox seems to work fine. The unit works even indoors while my blue garmin etrex just sits there waiting for a satelite signal.

    Garras - March 28th, 2010
  50. For all those who want to cheap out and pay one map at a time, DONT. It will really pess you off when the download fails and you lose your $$. Get the $30 deal and get all the downloads you want. Trust me, you will more than pay for that just getting your city. I have over 600 little pictures so far, so that $30 has gone a long way. Be sure to click on each little box then drag the whole lot of them at once so its not so tedious doing it one by one (which seems to not make it work).

    Garras - March 28th, 2010
  51. I was thinking of getting one of these for the satellite mapping capability but then I read that you cannot add / project a waypoint and now I am concerned – not a deal breaker but would be nice to do. I did download the PC Companion software and it does allow one to add a waypoint there so wouldn’t this work in pinch? Create it on your PC then upload it? Also does anyone know if you can take a waypoint list from a Magellan and upload it into one of these? I have been unable to find much info on their web site and contacts are limited.

    Larry - March 31st, 2010
    • If you are wanting to add a waypoint while out in the field, you certainly can. You can also put the crosshairs on the point you want to add and press the OK button and a list comes up saying–edit name/icon, set alert and ‘set waypoint’. So, Yes, you can add a waypoint on the go. As far as just importing one from a Magellan, I am not sure. It does not say you can. I haven’t tried doing such a thing from my Garmin topo 2008 where I have a bunch of stuff. I would guess they use a different format, you know how these things are so proprietary. Hell, even the commercial mapping software won’t download into GPS units (says so on the box..how disappointing!) I took my old Garmin and copied the waypoints onto that companion, and put them with the appropriate map folder as I have several depending on what area I downloaded. Adding just the area you are walking around, minimizes the boot up time and redraw time when you zoom out.

      garras - March 31st, 2010
  52. Thanks for the info garras – I guess I figured you could using the crosshairs but that is a rather rough guess as to the location – I don’t see a way to edit the actual coordinates to get a more precise location except via companion – can’t see how they could have omitted that capability. Now about the aerial map – their marketing lingo states that you can see pine trees ahead of you on the aerial map and if you look ahead from where you are there will be pine trees – does it actually work that good? That is what I am after yet I cannot find an clear example on the web site. I assume that to make this work at this level one needs to download the maps at the L1 setting – or am I missing something here.

    Larry - March 31st, 2010
  53. I added a quick video of what the waypoints look like on you tube. Watch: /watch?v=TNGfasTj7BY I add a waypoint near a cop station. This is a city view at L3 resolution (I think) that is not too bad and makes downloading the maps a lot quicker. L1 is a little bit better but you still can’t count the shingles on a roof. It also takes more squares to get your area and makes a bigger file. A good feature of the Onix is that they work inside vehicles and indoors where say an older Garmin eTrex Legend won’t be able to get a signal. So, thats useful when under tree cover.

    garras - March 31st, 2010
    • So then if I understand this the + and – on the gps has NO zoom effect on aerial maps? … if one wants to view a location at different resolutions one needs to download the map at say L1 and L2 and then select the desired aerial map on the gps … Is this correct?

      Larry - April 1st, 2010
      • Yes, you can zoom in on the screen. Here is a video of what I mean by L1/L3 resolution. The large squares capture the map at L3 while the small ones inside the middle square show what L1 gets at a time. No, the video does not get stuck when the maps are ‘finalizing’. It sometimes takes a while but I condensed this video in the interest of time. The download popup appears shortly to allow you to download the zip file of the areas selected.

        The link to the video is

        Garras - April 2nd, 2010
  54. Has anyone had any experience with this product for use on a boat?

    Roger L. - April 1st, 2010
    • Yes I have. it is very accurate. i use it to mark the places i catch my fish on the river, that way i can anchor up there every time. it is very accurate when i am on the move. I have mine set up almost entirely for fishing. I have it set up where it gives me my current speed, trip distance, trip time and current time.

      Tyler - April 1st, 2010
      • Hi Tyler,
        Thanks for your response. Did you find it necessary to download any particular maps? I will be using on an inland lake on a sailboat. Any tips you could give on setup for your indicated criteria would be appreciated.

        Roger L. - April 1st, 2010
        • I dont believe it is absolutely necessary to download the maps, but i do find it very nice and helpful having them there. that way i can see what is on the other side of the bank, or any structures or whatnot. for lakes it might be a little less useful, but then again, it is nice just to know if you are heading to the right dock for instance. for the settings i have i dont quite remember how i did it, since i dont have the unit in front of me right now, but i can find that out for you within the next day or two. i really enjoy my gps and would recommend it to anybody since anyone can find some use for it.

          Tyler - April 3rd, 2010
  55. does anybody have the accessory pack that they might be interested in selling? i have been looking for one and have been unsuccessful.

    tyler - April 1st, 2010
  56. Most expensive paperweight I have ever bought. The ONIX 350 device works fine and is intuitive enough to use however, the website to download maps is a waste of space and has no concept of user friendly not to mention the lack of maps for the Middle East. When I called Bushnell to find out when they would have those available (according to FAQs, they are in the process of getting them) I received no answer. I have been trying for days to download map areas just around my house and still have yet for it to work once.

    Bottom line, if you are reading these reviews to decide what hand held GPS device to buy, I suggest keep looking. You will spend more time fighting with the website trying to get a map downloaded than if you blazed your own trail, got lost, became Grizzly Adams for a few years and then found you way back out on your own.

    Marc - April 6th, 2010
    • The link to the video is

      Maybe this will help marc. What browser you using? IE8 does not work for me.

      garras - April 7th, 2010
    • Here, I just downloaded the map of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Works just fine for me. What area are you trying to get that they don’t have? If you are trying to get ALL the countries, yes you will be there a while.


      There are steps that may be missed to properly download maps in one’s haste. Ya, I didn’t check off the boxes and tried to drag each entry to the download box (which would not work) the first times I tried. So far, I have over 2100 files/photos downloaded.

      garras - April 12th, 2010
  57. Worst purchase ever… just requested RMA#. i should have came here first to read your reviews… 🙁

    Greg - April 10th, 2010
  58. I have one of these (onix 400) and can say DON”T BOTHER!!!!!! The User interface sux and if your using it for Geocaching don’t bother. This unit SUX!!!!!!

    Ken - April 12th, 2010
  59. Wow. So many negative comments but no content. What EXACTLY sux about it? WHY shouldn’t someone bother? What ‘interface’ are you referring to? The gps pictures…tell me you can at least figure out a picture if you can’t read the instructions….or the companion software? No wundar it doesn’t work. Probably putting the batteries upside down.

    The useless comments are what suck even more.

    Look on Youtube on how to down load maps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq-Jcv5lxt8

    I shall use it to find my first geocache soon. Would have done it last week but I had to be somewhere more important so I had to leave. It was ‘just over there’. 🙁

    Garras - April 12th, 2010
    • Try a Garmin… You will then realize why EVERYONE thinks that this unit SUX. I have owned several GPS receivers and this by far is the worst. I hope that you get your money’s worth out of it (OBTW – $499 MSRP selling for $89 on budget sites should have been my first clue). Good luck on GeoCaching. I won’t risk the safety of my boat on a flakey product like this.


      Greg - April 12th, 2010
  60. Thanks Greg. I do have a Garmin. Its an Etrex Legend. Poor reception indoors, small screen, black and white, small memory, and puts waypoints about 50 ft away (easily noted while driving down roads). My new Bushnell is right on the money, much larger screen, in color and is quicker to boot up so long as I don’t try to load several useless map folders just to keep them ‘handy’ in the unit. Actually, I would have liked a color garmin but I listened to the salesman’s pitch and downsold me to the b/w model as being superior( maybe I have a poor or cheap face? I dunno)

    The $500 retail is just retailers trying to sell the discontinued NOS units like new to unsuspecting marks. (like me) as my retailer STILL wants $169 for the discontinued Garmin which is what I paid for 3-4 years ago. On water, where there is no detail, I guess the Garmin would work just fine with the coordinate numbers display which I thought would suffice at the time.

    The only complaint I have is that excuse for a battery pack. They should have made it a lot bigger since you can’t charge one on a seperate charger as a spare. BTW, mine is a new, not refurbished, reconditioned or otherwise used item.

    garras - April 12th, 2010
  61. I purchased an Onix200 [see comment policy] + tax OTD, advertised as originally being $250. Let me begin this what I fear will be long, with my job – I design, code in assembly and “C” – embedded firmware that is in place all around the planet. However unfortunate, I’ve specialized into 8-bit processors and PSoCs – 16-bit is some-day probably sooner than later …

    I feel very sad for the outcome of this product in terms of its ‘good features’ and ‘horrible business model’. I’ve not gotten an Onix400 (but I may after I return this Onix200,). Be that the Onix200 is, it’s a rather nice piece of hardware but crippled by the lack of what I would guess is funding from up above. The firmware updates stopped rather quickly, for instance. The manuals are poorly executed. What would be nice are nice step-by-step diagrams on how to accomplish functions the Onix is good for. Push this button once, hold this one, click a waypoint, etc. One shouldn’t have to go to Youtube to figure it out.

    For me, and the Onix200, it wasn’t especially hard to figure out the button layout – it seemed foreign, however. Perhaps it’s the interface one might put together in India, or some other offshore manufacturing contract entity. It’s kind of like at home – I keep going to the drawer that doesn’t have the silverware in it – counterintuitive is what I thought of the Onix. It was manageable in the end. Most of the time I do remember that the silverware is where my wife thinks it ought to be.

    At the finish, I liked the Onix200 once it was a bit understood. Damn if it didn’t have problems with acquisition though – sometimes I’d have to turn it off or something – never did quite figure out when or not it would find the satellites! When the Onix200 was working, it worked well. I took the GPS skiing, kept it in my jacket pocket powered by a newish pair of AA’s and loaded with the ski area’s topo map. I could watch the barometer change as I rode up the chairlifts and the admittedly poorly topo at least 30 years out of date (old ski area name). And now, in PC companion, I’ve got these lines going up and down a copy of the topo map, showing me where a run actually descends down a topo hillside – a rather interesting perspective. I should mention, I’m running PC Companion in Fusion 2 on a Mac with Windows XP Pro. Works great, the GPS syncs right up, I’ve used two of my four credits, and once all the features were exercised, it wasn’t an incomplete experience – just there’s no way to figure it out without first figuring it all out if you get my drift – I despair easily and this Onix software represents its nadir.

    All the complaints posted earlier considered, PC companion might even run better (on a mac) – I had no issues with authentication, lack of credits showing up, loading, etc., in my Windows environment.

    It’s not all good, though. Bushnell is destroying themselves with this GPS fiasco, and that’s just what it is. It’s got to be very expensive to dump all this state-of-the-art hardware (in terms of acquisition, sensors, etc.) and simply give it all up – do a tax write-off, pay the CEO millions, and consider it an unfortunate fluctuation.

    One thing I’m certain of that it would cost less than 200 THOUSAND dollars to simply fix what’s broken to SAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I kid you not, give me handful of Gs and I’ll come up with some killer shit, Ruby on Rails, whatever, give me full access and a budget and I’ll turn it around. The software in-use isn’t particularly bad, it’s the lack of funds and a clear goal. Had Bushnell made a Mac version, or even some neat iPhone app, it’d have made waves.

    Upper management really screwed the pooch with this one.

    You see, for just a little bit more effort in the right places, Bushnell would have reached very high in the handheld GPS market with their otherwise fine product. Such a damn crying shame too. Instead they’re focusing on golf GPSes to make up for their losses – they’re sold at Costco now.

    Had Bushnell done it right, they’d be well onto their next version – a competitor for the likes of the Oregon 550 – but instead, they’re dumping and bailing and still haven’t figured out what to do about their predicament.

    Bushnell has got to fire someone – that is, the idiot who’s blowing the company’s wad into oblivion.

    Matt - April 13th, 2010
  62. I finally received my 350 and with the info from Garras and closely reviewing the demo’s I was able to download 2 credits of aerial maps without a problem and the thing is exactly what I was looking for. I use it primarily for hunting and the ability to use aerial maps alone makes it superior over my Lowrance and Magellan. Yea it probably is missing a couple of features that normally included in most others, like projecting a waypoint, and I have not been able to determine if it will show distance between waypoints … maybe have not had it long enough yet to figure it out, but just that fact that it has the aerial map capability makes it a treasure in my book!

    Larry - April 13th, 2010
  63. i agree with all of the positive comments. i have had mine for several months, i use it for hunting, fishing, and camping. the picture maps are awesome to have, it is nice for when i am looking for pockets in flooded timber to hunt ducks, looking for meadows for turkey, and it helps me navigate the rivers in the dark with the breadcrumb feature. if someone does not like this unit it is because they can not operate it correctly. as far as downloading maps, it was difficult for me the first couple times, but after i figured it out, it has been awesome. the only issue i have is that i am unable to get a hold of a cover or even a RAM mount for my 400 which kind of pisses me off. if anybody can get their hands on them please let me know!

    tyler - April 13th, 2010
    • Had same problem – could not find a Ram mount for the unit, can’t believe there is not a market for them, with the price of these units now I gotta believe they will sell tons of them once everyone finds out what they can do – Yup I feel Bushnell pulled the plug way too early, a little re-designing of software would go a long way to make it perfect. For a mount I took my old Lowrance mount and made a few modifications and it will work just fine. I was also told the UN4U mount would work.

      Larry - April 14th, 2010
    • I was able to find the RAM Mount (Bushnell Part #367006), but got a surprise when I found it’s only the mount for the handlebars when it got delievered; doesn’t include the RAM Cradle (Bushnell Part #367404 – for the Onix-350 or 400). After 2 days of Internet searches, it appears no one carries the RAM Cradle anymore; typical. So I’m now out $24 and have a waste of a piece of metal. Leave it to Bushnell to design a proprietary mounting system. I did find the RAM-HOL-UN4U Cradle as your other commentor noted, but haven’t been able to talk to the company yet; being the weekend; as to whether it’s compatible with the mount. The only problem I have if I can go this direction is that I was looking for this for doing mountain biking rides and I’m not so sure the RAM-HOL-UN4U Cradle will hold up to the punishment of trail riding. Although, as a second thought, if it does work with the Bushnell Mount, I’ll see if I can track down some small bungie cords to strap my 400 in and hope for the best.

      PFloyd - July 25th, 2010
      • Call RAM directly. They are sending me one I just got off the phone with them they were very helpful. When the automated answering answers press 3. Good luck.

        Paul Scanlin - August 3rd, 2010
  64. I was looking at one of these for my wife, mostly for XM radio service, and thought the addition of GPS really made it worth the $$$$. Can someone tell me if there is car charger? Or if the headphone jack will accept an anxiliary cable to plug into my car stereo? I have been unable to find one online. Also, does it work ok for driving/navigation? I would love to replace my Garmin e-trex with a same cost device with many more features if this works!

    jason - May 2nd, 2010
    • Yes, there is a car charger on DbAY item 320514314496. Accessories seem kinda scarce but they are there. This ends on May 8 2010. How do you mean for navigation? It does not have any spoken directions. Its kinda like the e-trex but with double the size screen and in color. Here’s what it looks like as I set a waypoint on the unit ( on Youtub): /watch?v=TNGfasTj7BY. Since it has more detail than the e-trex, The street names are difficult if not impossible to see BUT you can set a waypoint (ending address) on the companion software and download it to the unit. As far as the xm radio, it does not have a speaker ( as you would spook game and piss off the other hunters) so you have to use earbuds that I think come with that thing. So, you would be able to use a double sided stereo cord to stick it to your aux on your car radio.

      Garras - May 2nd, 2010
      • Thanks, Garras. I found a couple different sites with accessories after posting. If I understand earlier posts, you can only donwload 8 sq. mile maps at a time? Can this be used for long distance trips? You mentioned “BUT you can set a waypoint (ending address) on the companion software and download it to the unit.” companion software being what??? Sorry, I’m not extremely technically versed. I appreciate the help! Just don’t want to get my wife something I can’t figure out how to use, cause she’ll never even try! Thanks again.

        jason - May 2nd, 2010
  65. When you get the unit it comes with a cd that has the software to help you manage your waypoints and maps. Its almost like the Garmin TOPO US software for the e-trex. I’m not really sure what size the maps are but I also have a video of Las vegas. In “L3” mode, all of the city is covered vs the “L1” where only about one half of an L3 block is downloaded. Using it for cross country is possible but you will need to download a boat load of maps. I find that loading up the memory slows down the bootup time considerably so I don’t recommend more than 50 mb at a time though mine has a iGb card in it. I recommend it for the immediate area such as when hunting on foot. Or to get around one city. Its not hard to be able to use it. Its very much like the e-trex with those little icon menus on the the “main menu” or ‘setup menu’. Just that this one starts with this for you to choose if you want maps, compass, radio (on the 400) and such.
    As for setting a waypoint, on that video, there is another waypoint I had set earlier that I labeled as “COPS” in the software and downloaded it. I’ll stick a video of what the software looks like with 13 mb of Las vegas maps which takes roughly 4 minutes to copy from a usb drive to the gps then onto the companion program. I shall label it: “BUSHNELL ONIX 350 / 400 COMPANION SOFTWARE LAS VEGAS L3”

    Garras - May 2nd, 2010
  66. Not a bad unit kinda hard to set up at the start. Now i got it working and love it. I have the unlimited downloads from bushnellgps.com. The main issue I ahve with the unit is the poor battery life. I have the car charger and use it before hike/hunt. I have never had the battery last longer than 7 hours MAX. I use the safe track mode and that will keep the batteries lasting up to 15 or so hrs. I might as well set waypoint then shut the unit off until i need to get back.
    If anyone knows where to get a better battery pleezze post thanks.

    larry - June 10th, 2010
  67. I’ve learned more on this forum in a 1/2 hour than the last month that I’ve been fiddling around with my Onix 350 (and BTW I’m a computer consultant). The user interface is just not modeled after common computer logic of out time. But the Woot price is right for me. So I’m willing to struggle with the hardware.

    Keep on posting your findings though. Who knows, Bushnell might revive the hardware with a killer app, and collect back its R&D investments plus profits. Then we’ll all be really happy.

    Guy - June 17th, 2010
  68. I was able to download maps ok. Connected the gps and downloaded them to the gps. Read them from the gps and see them on my computer. When I disconnect the gps it freezes on (shutting down). I have to remove the battery to kill it. The maps do not show up on the screen. I’ve done this Three times. Any tips?

    Charles - June 20th, 2010
    • If your sure that the maps are downloaded into the unit. After that. Goto the nav screen. While int the nav scteen hold menu key for a second or so. U will see a menu symbol push up on the up key. That will open a new list.cHeck oFf topo or arial map. Then when u hike or walk through an area of the downloaded map it will show up. IF you hold menu and push down u can change distance options to time or date you can see whole list. Hope this helps.

      Larryz - June 20th, 2010
    • Yes, I don’t download to the gps as it does that but instead download to a usb drive. Maybe you are disconnecting too soon and corrupting the data causing the hangups?

      Garras - June 20th, 2010
    • What happens if you shut off the gps before you disconnect? Do you do the ‘safe to remove hardware’ icon ?

      garras - June 20th, 2010
    • The map “photos” don’t show until your cursor is position on the area represented by the map. Again you must set the unit to display “photos” of maps. To do that, you can simply press the “H” key and select “map detail” on the menu.

      Guy - June 21st, 2010
  69. I got it to work. Instead of disconnecting it correctly, I disconnected it when it said (do not disconnect power). It shut down fine and the maps are there. That dosen’t make any since, but I just thought of what a kid would in a hurry and it worked. Go figure.

    charles - June 21st, 2010
  70. Just purchased the 400 and was wondering if anyone has any input on the Micro Cards. Unit came with 128mb and I understand Bushnell states that it’ll accept up to a 256mb card, but I’ve heard that it’ll accept larger cards. I’ve tried both a 4gb Class-4 and 8gb Class-6 without any luck, but I’ve also heard that the card needs to be a SanDisk model for compatibility. Anyone have any experience with this?

    PFloyd - July 18th, 2010
    • Yeah, they do take bigger. I have a black micro sd 1Gb in mine. It doesn’t say if its in any kind of class though. As its enough memory for my use of around 500 mi/sq. I have not had to get anything bigger. If I need to load an area other than the ‘favorite’ area, I just make sure I saved all the waypoints of that area on a flash drive, dump this memory and stick in the other stuff.

      Garras - July 19th, 2010
      • Thanks for the input. I’m suspecting with the size (1GB or smaller) and the fact my cards received the initialization error message that the 400 is only compatible with the Class-2 cards.

        PFloyd - July 19th, 2010
      • Just thought I’d add this since I bought a card. Purchased a SanDisk 1Gb Class-2 card for compatibility reasons and it worked flawlessly when the Onix-400 booted. Not so sure SanDisk is a requirement, but the Class-2 is. Thanks again for your input Garras.

        PFloyd - July 25th, 2010
  71. Much about the Onix 400 I like – but Bushnell is extremely shortsighted in producing a device that is not Mac compatible… meaning they’e just alienated 10% of their potential user base – people with computers. Even using a PC, I found the software to download maps difficult to use, non-intuitive and clumsy. I gave up.

    Irony – You can purchase unlimited map downloads for a small fee (30$ last time I checked) – Why not just put the all the maps on a disk or in the GPS to start with and be done with it?

    I would NOT recommend this unit at this time until they fix their map issue.

    C’Mon Bushnell – you have a great device – which you’ve managed to severely screw up!

    Dennis - August 25th, 2010
  72. Hi, Dennis.

    Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. The reason they do not send the maps on cd is simply because they will not fit. You are aware that they have 3 resolutions of picture maps and then there is the topo maps. Look, I have an area roughly 30×12 miles or so in L1 resolution and that in itself takes around 500 mb, I think. It pretty much fills the onix memory. Imagine if they could put ALL of the US (and the rest of the world) cd, how many would they need? I have heard the MAC is pretty good…for businesses…but judging on the amount of software I see at say, Best Buy, its not exactly very useful for the average joe at home or in college. They use office 2007 but what does the mac have thats compatible with that software? I haven’t seen any commercials on tv even for games for that thing. They make the apple computer commercials seem like its such a great machine, all the hype and outer beauty and make the consumer see all kinds of stars and rainbows but they don’t really talk about supporting software (as you mentioned earlier) to hook up to peripherals. Have you taken a gander at my videos on utube that may help?

    Look on Youtube on how to down load maps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq-Jcv5lxt8

    Garras - August 25th, 2010
  73. Good point on the volume of maps. But – it looks like the maps are simply nested in a folder on the Onix400. That being the case, it would be fairly simple to offer the maps – perhaps in geographic sections – on DVDs compatible for transfer from any computer into the Onix.

    As for the Mac being pretty good for businesses – we’re a business and a Windows-free operation. Virtually all of our clients are businesses using Windows. We exchange documents all the time.

    As for support software to hookup peripherals… most of the Macs are plug and play.

    Regardless, my point is that Bushnell is losing out on a large market – that simplifying their Onix might resolve.

    Dennis - August 25th, 2010
  74. It is entirely reasonable for a person who believes macs are overpriced and limited to purchase a PC. However, feature for feature and dollar for dollar, the mac is actually coming out ahead of the PC much of the time, especially when considering laptops. You see, there’s no reason that the laptop doesn’t run Windows as it can be made to do. There are benchmarks that show that the Apple Mac laptop is faster than the fastest PC laptop – particularly when Apple gets first dibs on the newest Intel processor. For me, I run Windows on its own separate LCD monitor inside the Mac. It’s so easy to back-up my windows environment – in fact here’s the sweetest thing: I use my incremental backup software (Time Machine) to automatically keep track of my Windows environment files (contains the entire Windows hard drive) so if I ever do get a virus, etc., as I do not subscribe to AVG, Symantec, etc., I can back up to the file that contains the latest uncorrupted version of Windows, or even launch them one at a time until I find the one I want. I can run Windows several times over on my Mac – and all the while I use Mac applications in the other monitor. Heck, I can run a windows application in its own box together with mac applications. I can run two windows environments, each with their own hard drives, and have them communicate to each other across a virtual ethernet.

    That said, when I was trying out the Onix 200 and the web-based and windows based programs, I was doing it all on the Mac and didn’t even realize that others would be having problems. In fact, I was rather surprised at the frustration I saw with Windows users having a hard time. I thought the web interface was clunky, but it wasn’t very long before I knew all it could do.

    I’ve since bought the Garmin 60CSx, and haven’t looked back. All Garmin apps written for the Mac can handle the GPS in such a seamless manner, it’s quite impressive. I think the ability to use GPSDEPOT.COM files, the integration with google earth for instance simply upends the Onix bull-crap you guys are dealing with. I agree, the Onix 400 is a very fine piece of hardware – more’s the pity – but it is worth it (to me) to avoid fiddling with the thing just to feel good about having it.

    Sort of like having a mac. My mom called some time back, said she’d been talking with her friends and they managed to panic my Mom into calling me about what protection does she have from viruses? I simply replied that she had a Mac and how is your day going otherwise?

    Instead of installing AVG, etc. What a waste of life.

    I use Mac at home exclusively, but use Windows as does everyone else at work. At work (I do the firmware for my company’s proprietary, embedded hardware), I have a support staff that can bother with the viruses and the like. At home, I don’t have or want to deal with such stuff, my support calls from mac using family members are few and far in between – except I do hear of a lot of dicking around from the PC user. There’s just too little time for me, as a home user, to care about anything but the core applications – while the home PC user can be exploring the latest gee-whiz partition manager, I’m editing photographs.

    Matthew - August 26th, 2010
  75. More and more IT troubleshooters I know are going to the Mac as their platform of choice – using remote software to fix Pee Cees. Some are now using the I-Pad.

    I once had a Windows-only engineer tell me the problem with using a Mac was you didn’t learn about computers in the process. I said, “That’s the point.”


    Dennis - August 26th, 2010
  76. I got the 400 for christmas and will agree with everything people say about it. heavy, klunky and battery life sux but I just went on a kayak trip that included some long hikes so I though why not give it a good go.

    I finally figured out the map thing, not easy but now I can load maps, don’t know what the confusion about waypoints is, i thought that was one of the obvious things and while the weather sounds good I am too cheap and anyway don’t use it like ranger guy above.

    I did have fun with it and inspite of being 25′ under water most of the time the altitude was good enough. I wasn’t able to capture my breadcrumbs which was a little disappointing but there is probably a way.

    For downloading it requires active X so unless you like manually moving files which is possible with firefox, use IE, it does work like the video er I should say finally i got it to work like the video. I plan on getting unlimited maps for a year so I can get the most interresting ones and then drop the service.

    I guess I might have bought a different one but the woot price was right and my wife is happy that i am using it.

    Doug - September 1st, 2010
  77. I have a problem with my onix400,got maps downloaded on my computer,can’t get them open to load them on my gps,it don’t seem like the bushnell companion is working,tried download the disc twice,an it say’s bushnell companion is not running,can someone tell me how to open this,or how to download correctly step by step,because down loading those maps an trying to get them to my computer was hard,still don’t know if it’s right,i lost my 4 free credits downloads ,add to buy the 3 month credits,I guess i will get some maps down loaded before this runs out.

    Scott parsons - September 6th, 2010
    • Yeah, the files should have a .pho extension. The GPS should appear as a ‘drive’ on My computer. Just drop them in there and you will see them on the unit.

      Garras - September 7th, 2010
    • Actually, you don’t need to use the companion software. That is used to see your pictures on your computer but is not required to transfer the photos to the GPS. You can use it to plan a trip around your hunting spot in a much bigger monitor screen then download the trail onto the GPS.

      All you have to do is drop your photos into the drive letter that is your GPS in ‘My Computer’. Mine shows as the ‘ONIX 350 (G:)’ drive.

      Garras - September 9th, 2010
  78. tried this still not working ,where do the maps go when they are loaded on my gps,do i push menu button 2 seconds an then nav icon will appear then push up to choose what maps im looking for like topo or areial,an will the maps appear on top of the base map.

    scott parsons - September 9th, 2010
    • Ok, from the nav (compass) screen peck the orange button. You should see a ‘my stuff’ menu or ‘hot menu’. if it says ‘hot menu’ press + or – to get to my stuff. At the bottom it should say my photos. From there, choose the eye. From the list of photos you have loaded, go to the one you need and again, press right on the joystick. If you are connected to satelites, It should show a black arrow on the compass to that picture and give you a milage to destination.

      The photos are located on the memory card under the aerial folder.

      If you are looking at the basemap, yes. You will be taken to photo location. The rest will still appear yellow if you don’t have a photo to cover the area. Like Mahjong tiles.

      Garras - September 9th, 2010
      • evey thing working fine got my maps downloaded on my gps Thanks!

        scott parsons - September 18th, 2010
  79. This thing is a POS. It’s crappy and hard to use. Not to mention any features barely work and are expensive. I bought it, got it out of the box, turned it on, figured out I HATED it, and put it in storage. Just found it. Anyone want it?

    Do yourself a favor and buy a Garmin.

    Jessica - October 8th, 2010
    • How much do you want for your Gps,I think if you spend a little more time playing with this gps you will learn to love it.Read what Garras told me, after that every thing when perfect.The only thing i had a problem with was downloading maps,after i figured that out i loved this gps,I found that the topo an areial maps are really detailed compared to other gps,it will take a little time to learn but you will love it in the end.

      scott - October 20th, 2010
    • I am interested in purchasing your Onix 400. I have 2 and they work well in my application, not great, like Garmin. As with most posts, map dowloads is 1970’s computing. Does not work well with Windows 7 64bit O/S using Bushnell companion, so download directly to unit. My interest is the XM radio & weather function. Out west (i.e. in Colorado), that can be a “life saver” if heavy weather is rolling in. No other manufacturer offers this feature. I use a Garmin 60CSx as my primary GPS and the Onix400 GPS function as a back-up. By using only the weather function, a battery charge lasts for a couple of days when checking weather 3 or 4 times per day.

      Jeff - October 26th, 2010
  80. O.K. I just purchased a 400 (new w/acc.) off the web. All of the negative comments I’ve read so far seem to be related to map downloads &/or XM weather/radio. So tell me this; how does the gps unit itself perform? All I care to do is mark waypoints when I’m in the woods and be able to get back to those waypoints when I need to. I leave my gps turned off until I need to check a bearing so battery life though important, may not be too big of issue. I need the battery to last a couple of days worth of on and off use. How well will this unit perform for my needs?

    Randy - October 24th, 2010
    • Well, the batteries seem to be AAAA size or something similar. Not very big. It does have the optional ‘safetrack’ that turns off the screen so its supposed to last a few hrs continously. I would say ….oh…6 hrs at best. Bad thing: You can’t just pop new ones in since its proprietary (kinda stupid thing if you ask me). You can get a car cord to charge it though. Try not to fill the memory with useless maps (keep them on a usb drive)outisde your area that you won’t need or it takes FOREVER to boot, all the while, wasting precious batteries showing the ” This product is a supplemental navigational tool only. User assumes all responsibility for the use of this device” disclaimer. Mine is about 3/4 full and it takes approximately 8 minutes to load!

      Garras - October 25th, 2010
      • Thank you Garras for all of your input on this forum.
        Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me.

        I like the idea of the satellite imagery for snowmobiling, and am looking at the Onix 200CR, it would cost alot less than an Oregon model. Here in Colorado I would like the satellite imagery as we are not riding alot of trails. Would this work? As I understand it, Bushnell has dropped this line, so firmware upgrades are over. In a post regarding the 200 CR some one stated “If ANYONE has the gen2 firmware upgrade PLEASE let me know. Bushnell has deleted the file from their site and refuses to repost it. Any help is appreciated.” Wow, are they dropping out of this that fast? How old are the maps? Someone was complaining that the topos are very antiquated. Someone else was whining that the map service costs 70/yr. Some seem to say 30/tr. After I download what I need, could I drop the subscription and keep my maps running? Also, Would these topo maps and other maps available show forest service roads and other roads like my old time paper maps do?

        Do you know if and what kind of memory chips will go into the 200CR? I thought I read in one of your earlier posts that you were able to keep a map of around 20X30 miles. I don’t know if I would use L1 or L2 resolution, actually I don’t know which one has more detail.

        So without babbling on any further, I believe you know what I’m after. So I’m asking if if this this would work out in the woods for sledding, or should I just put down alot more cash and go with an Oregon or get a Rino?

        Thank you very much.

        John - January 4th, 2011
  81. I am sailing down the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW), presently in Fl. and want to see weather conditions in my path. Would the Bushnell ONIX 400 with the XM weather subscription show me storms, rain, lightning, moving in my path. If I could see storms coming (there direction) then I could take cover in a marina. For example, if I was in Daytona Fl and heading South could I see storms coming across Fl heading east or storms coming in from the Atlantic Ocean heading west? I don’t think I need detailed maps just an overall view out to a hundred miles or so. Afternoon storms come up fast in Fl and I need to see there direction (path) beforehand. Any help would be appreciated.

    Bruce - October 27th, 2010
  82. Question on the Onix 400:
    1. Can you buy a spare battery? I know it has to be charged in the unit but that could be done and the taken out to act as a spare.
    2. When you turn the unit off to install the ‘replacement’ battery, would you lose the current ‘trip’ waypoints and trail?
    These are now our of production and I’m somewhat leary of the unit’s support.
    Thannks for any help.

    Jim - December 29th, 2010
    • jim i had to buy a another gps to get a battery,an you will not lose waypoints if you replaces battery,all your waypoints are on your micro sd card,an if any thing happens to your gps,just put your sd card in your new gps an all your waypoints will appear,bushnell got the onix400 discontinued,an if any thing happens to your gps it can”t be replaced you will have to choose from another product that they got,it just happen that i had two of those,lucky me!all my money gone down the drain,Great warranty!

      scott - December 30th, 2010
  83. I have an Onix 400 and am quite disappointed with it. The map resolution is low,battery life short, map downloading generally dysfunctional (not to mention it ignores 10% mod the population using Macs) plus it molten has trouble reading satellites when under a tree. I strongly recommend you not leave home without a lensatic compass, a geological survey toipo map, canteen and matches. Bushnel came up with attractive set of features that fails miserably. I would not – and do not – trust my life with anything they make.

    Dennis - January 4th, 2011
  84. As a person trained in designing recreational trails, I have used several different types of gps units and GIS software and have leterally thousands of hours experience using gps and topos. I have to say hands down that the Bushnell onix 400 is absolulely DREADFUL. It would be a good product IF AND ONLY IF THE SORTWARE SUPOORT THAT GOES WITH IT WAS AT LEAST somewhat user friendly. Another thing that makes it useless in professional or even volunteer use is that Bushnell has designed it to ONLY work with their programs ( which are EXTREMELY hard to get to function. Most other brands are compatible with programs such as My topo mapass, easy and expert gps, etc As for maps on cd,ost others such as Lowrance does offer. By the way Lowrancde customer support is also rediculous. Personally, I wish I had stuck with Garmin. I hope to get a trimble unit later, but they cost several thousand.

    brett erwood - January 5th, 2011
  85. I have 2 of these, (2nd battery, it was cheaper buying the 2nd unit with battery than just a battery on the internet). These were developed by a UK firm for Bushnell. Bushnell dropped when other manufacturers lowered their price. Even with the negative posts, I purchased for the XM radio/weather and GPS function was a by-product as I was not convinced it worked, (good news is I have a trail GPS from another manufacturer). Last fall, (November 2010), before I went on a 2 week hunting trip I called Bushnell support to ensure the TOPO maps I had purchased in fact downloaded, (Using windows 7). Bushnell support assured me because the TOPOs showed up in the file directory I was good to go, however would not see the actual TOPO maps until I arrived in that location. When i got to the location turned on the GPS to start manual addition of way-points. NO TOPO MAP showed up. Good news, I now have a heavy inexpensive XM radio. If I had paid full price, this would be back in Bushnell’s inventory faster than they could say “jack rabbit”! Good news, I had my other GPS, which worked perfectly during the 2 weeks.

    Jeff - January 6th, 2011
  86. bushnell has taking the gen 2 firmware update off their site, if anybody has it could they please email it to me, i would greatley appreciate it, and do you upgrade it the same as the one on their site?

    jason - January 10th, 2011
    • I have version 3.0.3205.5754 on my hard drive if would like please email me and I can see if somehow I can get it to you.
      I am currently using this and it works as good as the 400 gets.


      Ron - November 25th, 2011
  87. I’m having many of the same issues here in Jan. 2011. Successfully downloaded one topo directly to unit. Showed up in the unit’s photo folder. In any case it will not show up on the screen. Has a *.pho extention. Now I can’t download any other maps. After capture they get held up in the “finishing stage”. I wonder if they are having server problems. I’ve followed all instructions to a T but no luck. Seems I’ve wasted another Saturday afternoon of my life. I’m using explorer 8. Someone said that was a problem but MS deters you from back installing their browsers. Has anyone had any luck with Firefox?

    Charles - January 15th, 2011
    • Yes. You can download with Firefox as well. You’ll get a pop-up asking you to allow the download. Just click on it. I.ve been able to download waypoints I created on the Bushnell map, BUT a map just hangs up in ‘finalizing’ and fails. Has anyone downloaded a map recently? Maybe their server is overwhelmed or has limited capacity. Maybe we need to make an appointment.

      Complicated as it is to master, I like the features and the build quality so I hope the map downloading function will be solved soon.

      Anne - January 15th, 2011
      • Thanks for the input Anne. I plan on talking to them in Kansas this week. I’m still optimistic this will be a usefull piece of equipment eventually.

        charles - January 18th, 2011
  88. Charles – you may not be doing anything wrong at all. Bushnell has put together a fairly nice looking product in terms of features -most of which fail miserably in execution, including the software interface for maps. I’ve all but given up on using my 400 for anything but a wheel chock. I plan to give it one more effort, but have no plans to go anywhere with it without a conventional compass and topo map.

    Dennis - January 16th, 2011
  89. I cannot save any of my saved files anywhere now. It just locks up in finalizing stae . This is absolutely the most unreliable gps system I have ever used and I have used SEVERAL. Garmin’ s cheapest models even work better and they retail for 1/5th of the price of the onix.

    brett erwood - January 16th, 2011
  90. I spoke this morning with a customer service rep in Kansas who acknowledged there is a map downloading problem. He said it wasn’t the server but probably the website. He couldn’t give me an estimated time of repair but was hopeful it would be soon. Maybe a few more complaints would get them on it.

    This really is a great little instrument once its mastered.

    Anne - January 18th, 2011
  91. I’ve been talking to these people for a year. They are tone-deaf. Tho, I haven’t spoken to the execs, just the guys in tech. Yes, there is a problem with map downloading. It doesn’t work. They should simply disk the maps and sell the disks. Or invest in a real e-commerce site where you can purchase and download without a lot of rigamarole.

    It’s entirely possible that Bushnell was sold a bill of goods on this thing. But they haven’t fixed it.

    I’m hanging on to my topo subscription and lensatic compass.

    Dennis - January 18th, 2011
    • Thanks Dennis. I agree about selling the disks loaded with the maps. Seems like the topo’s would be easy enough. The aereals might present greater capacity problems. They’d make/save considerable $$ I would think and we’d save huge amounts of time. This Web download system is a bit insulting from a consumer standpoint. They are losing goodwill. Wouldn’t it be usefull to be able to use Google
      Earth KMLs etc. ‘course there may be technical or licencing limits I am ignorant of (highly probable in fact).

      charles - January 18th, 2011
  92. Success! All maps, both topos and ariels downloaded this morning without a hitch. I prefer using IE for this as it’s more straightforward and goes directly into the correct folder without the need for unzipping. So, maybe calling them helped or maybe the acct dept is slow at recording registration/purchase transaction. Whatever, I’m good to go and very satisfied.

    Good luck to you all.

    Anne - January 19th, 2011

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