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ChitterChatter Kids Phone


Hop-On-Chitterchatter-Kids-Gps-PhoneHop-on has released a new LBS (location based services) locator phone for kids called the ChitterChatter Kids Phone. Parents will like the initial price, just $50 which is far less than other similar products. The device is basically a cellphone with additional GPS capabilities. The child can send a SMS message to their parents which will tell them where they are. Parents can also send a message to the phone which will automatically generate a return SMS with their location. You can also track your child via the Internet .

Dan Gannon, Chief Executive Officer of Hop-on, commented, “This is an exciting launch for us that we think will have wide appeal. Parents want to stay in touch with their children and now they are able to through our LPS enabled Chitter Chatter kid’s phone. Other phones on the market are being sold to kids but they are simply cute shell cases being put on normal cell phones. We wanted to offer something different. By combining the LBS and cell phone features we think we have a winner.”

Hop-on claims this device is the world’s smallest GSM/LBS phone available. The ChitterChatter Kids Phone also has features to automatically block any incoming calls from numbers not stored in the phone book. Standby time is up to 100 hours.

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