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Cobra Nav One 2500


We mentioned previously about Cobra switching from NAVTEQ to Tele Atlas for map data/software. The first Cobra device to feature the Tele Atlas data should be the Cobra Nav One 2500. The Nav One 2500 comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen color display and 2 GB of memory. Maps of the USA and Canada come preloaded on the device.

Real-time traffic can be delivered to the NavOne 2500 via a clear channel traffic receiver. The receiver is sold separately and will cost about $150.

The 2500 will also support SD cards for expansion and Cobra will be offering travel guides by the end of the year which will cost between $39 and $99 each.

The Cobra NavOne 2500 will retail for $499, however that price does not include text to speech capability to speak street names. Text-to-speech will be an additional cost.

IASAP Technology is designed to provide faster acquisition of the GPS signal and allow for uninterrupted reception. The Cobra Nav One 2500 weighs 7.8 Ounces and should become available by the end of June August starting at about $499.

49 Responses

  1. I think this is a good move by Cobra – I use the TomTom GO 700 and been very happy with the Tele Atlas maps. Interested to hear what people think once they get their hands on the new devices!

    Julie - May 4th, 2006
    • I think any move by Cobra GPS would have to be an improvment over there junk

      keith - November 29th, 2009
  2. All the words and music about the Nav One 2500 led me to buy one. The only problem so far is simply getting started as there are minimal instructions that come with the unit and a 3 minute demo does not do anything except tell you about the various features. I would have liked a step by step either demo or walk thru in an instrutional document. Why make it so hard. I am computer smart, but this unit is causing me fits to learn how to use it.

    Johnnie - February 3rd, 2007
  3. I received a Cobra NAV One 2500 for Christmas and have been disappointed in it for two reasons. First, the map database is simply unaware of many, many streets in my area. These are streets that have been in place for several years and in some cases are major parkways.

    Secondly (and because of my first problem) I have been completely unable to find out if the map database can be upgraded/updated. I’ve left several messages for the support staff at Cobra yet I’ve not received any response whatsoever.

    Scott - March 31st, 2007
  4. Hi Scott – to my knowledge there haven’t been any map updates released for the 2500. There have been for other Cobra GPS models, so there is hope. You might want to try giving them a call at 773-889-3087 to ask about availability of map updates for purchase for your 2500.

    Tim - March 31st, 2007
    • download the maps for the 2100 it should fix your map problem.. I was having the same problem and called cobra and this is what they told me to do… it worked except where exit ramps have been moved and things like that.

      Michael - May 23rd, 2010
      • Where did you D/L the maps from?

        Jake - April 7th, 2011
  5. Maybe there IS hope. Just got a reply from Cobra saying that they can send me a “patch” via DVD. They asked that I provide them with my full name, address and model number. I did so yesterday (4/2/07). I’ll update my comments here when/if the patch arrives and how much of a difference it made.

    Scott - April 3rd, 2007
  6. As of today, April 15th, I still have not received the map database update that Cobra promised me. I’m cautiously hopeful.

    Scott - April 15th, 2007
  7. As promised, Cobra sent me a DVD to update the software (application and map database) for my NAV One 2500. I received it yesterday (April 16th) and installed it right away. The process was fairly simple and the instructions provided were accurate.

    So far, I’m pleased with the update. My biggest need was for updated map information. I can report that the map data is much more current than before as evidenced by its knowledge of at least a few streets it was unaware of before the update. I’ll keep exploring and report further.

    there is also a new and updated user interface for the device. I’ve found this quite pleasing and easier to read than the previous version.

    Kudos to Cobra for getting me up to date–at NO additional cost. I’m becoming a believer.

    – Scott

    Scott - April 24th, 2007
  8. I have put all the updates on and been having several issues with the mapping. Takes you the long way around for example. Street names that have been around for long times still not on the unit. Incorrect street locations. Best thing to do is report the issues to


    and go under “For Consumers” and then “map Feedback”. You can enter all the issues and they should update the issues you request within a certain time period.

    Jake - May 1st, 2007
  9. Hi, i recieved the cobra 2500 nav one and am very upset because after a day or so, the touchscreen is acting up, i tryed to clean it but its not clicking correctly..help

    Mike - July 15th, 2007
  10. Mike, Sounds like something you should talk to Cobra about.

    Tim - July 15th, 2007
  11. Scott, I have been having the same problem with my NavOne 2500 I received for xmas.

    The mapdata is HORRENDOUSLY out of date…streets that have been there for years are either missing or come up as ‘Unnamed Road’. Furthermore, addresses on the map are horribly inaccurate. My heckling of Cobra earler this year only had them reply that map updates would be available in late summer/early fall. How did you manage to get this DVD?

    Scott I’ve found that the roads that don’t exist acutally do…try it sometime. Enter a navigation destination of a street you know, then drive down the street that isn’t on the GPS…for me it draws the green line as if the road existed! But it only exists in destination mode, not navigation mode.

    Overall, really disappointed with this unit.

    Kyle - July 28th, 2007
  12. Kyle,

    To get the DVD update I referenced in my earlier message, I simply emailed the support department at Cobra and received about a two weeks after that. It’s made a tremendous difference in the usability. It’s not perfect, but it’s MUCH better than it was. I wouldn’t mind sending the DVD to you if you’d like. You can contact me through my email address: scottggreen@gmail.com

    Scott - July 29th, 2007
  13. Well I finally took my unit back and was refunded. I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 350 and you can’t even compare these 2 units. First the Garmin is using Navteq for there mapping and I from now on won’t get a unit unless they are using Navteq. Second the entire Nuvi is a much better product and the extras I couldn’t even compare. Good luck with your Cobras but all I had was bad.

    Jake - August 1st, 2007
  14. My cousin just gave me his navone 2500 and he had lost the cd can anyone tell me where i could find it

    terry - October 19th, 2007
  15. Terry, you would need to contact Cobra.

    Tim - October 20th, 2007
  16. Let me tell you some stories, my NAV 2500 is junk, I have installed updates, contacted Cobra, it does some crazy stuff. Set on Fastest route, going down a major interstate, it will have you exit, go down side roads in a huge circle, then put you back on the same interstate. Driving in a congested area that I have no clue about, it will “recalculate” the snake symbol will come up for several minutes, at least 6 to 10 minutes, then of course by that time you have missed your turns. I am a Professional Truck Driver, paid way too much for this unit at a truck Stop, I am stuck with it and it flat out sucks, I could go on and on and on about all the things this unit does wrong and Cobra offers no relevant patches or updates.

    Chuck - October 26th, 2007
  17. Chuck….I tried to say it nicely but you topped the cake….junk….great for scrap because that is how well it works….I am running the nuvi 350 and it is no where even near comparable to the cobra….do yourself a favor and try out garmin because I will never leave them now

    Jake - October 26th, 2007
  18. WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree there. I ended up calling Cobra myself to get the 7010 database patch and the 0.81 kernel upgrade. Got a LOT more road information, but stupid things have happened too.

    -The older map database had new subdivisions & more modern street names that the new version DELETED!!! What is that!!! Street names are still wrong, but again, a lot more roads are there

    -When it comes to Canadian map data, they have their heads up their…well you know. They abbreviate ‘Ontario’ as OP….THERE ISN’T A P ANYWHERE IN ‘Ontario’!!! They don’t understand our road system on this device…clearly.

    I may be taking a solid look at the Garmin as well!

    Kyle - October 26th, 2007
  19. I got the nav one as a gift but it had been used and ive been looking on the net for the premium travel cards alli can find is garmin does cobra have any and are they even worth getting.
    I was also woundering what you would needthe wireless sd card for is that for and is that worth it I’m in the military so i travel alot and just got back from deployment so ive been goin to see family and vacations alot so was woundering if all this stuff is usefull or not

    terry - February 5th, 2008
  20. i’ve purchased a used cobra 2500. first issue that i have after all the updates, it freezes when try typing in more than 2 leeters of the street names. takes two long for route recalculation.

    i don’t mind cus it cost me very little. it is still better than nothing, what i like the most about this unit is that i can replace the mp3 sound with my own voice in my own language. i have backed up all the original voices and replaces them with my own funny voices.

    Nasir - February 5th, 2008
  21. How were you able to put your own voice over the original mp3 voice

    terry - February 6th, 2008
  22. Almost forgot about this review, simply record your voice and save it as mp3 file with the exact same name as it is in the gps. for example there is a file on the gps called TR.mp3 (TurnRight in english). you can record anything and save it TR.mp3 and then replace it with the original one. Now evry time you take left turn that file will play no matter what ever is recorded under that file. hope that’ll help.

    Nasir - February 8th, 2008
  23. Nasir how do you access the files on the GPS to add delete and replace the mp3 files, please give details, if nothing else it would be cool to change the voice commands.

    Chuck - February 9th, 2008
  24. Here’s how you do that, but make sure to backup original files in case you want to restore them back. I might not remeber to come back to this site soon.

    Attach your power adapter into the wall outlet, then plug the other end into the GPS, as soon as you see cobra logo lit-up press and hold it till you see the GPS sreen in grey color with some buttons on it.
    2- Now connect USB port to computer and wait few minutes
    3- You will see on the computer new device found and after few minutes a new drive letter will appear in you My Computer, if first time you don’t see it, then just unplug USB cable from gps and plug back in after few seconds.

    4- Once you find new drive letter in my computer open it up and brows for a folder ENGLISH

    5- Copy the entire folder on your computer.
    6- Now play MP3 file under that one by one and replace them with your’s.

    7- Make sure that you keep the backup of original.
    8- File names are case sencitive, rename them exactly the way they are.

    9- you can use NERO’s sound recorder to record your voice and save them in MP3 format.

    I hope this will help. now enjoy your funny voice s and surprise other people.

    Nasir - February 17th, 2008
  25. Does anyone know where the address files are in this Cobra NavOne 2750. I would like to be able to do my address book on the computer and load it into the GPS.

    George Rhude - April 6th, 2008
  26. My mom got one from a home shopping channel, and it sucks. While Interstate highways appear on the map, it will always calculate routes that avoid it, and if you get on one, it will continually instruct you to take the next exit, then recalculate your route. I can’t seem to find any setting that fixes the problem. Avoid.

    Guy - April 17th, 2008
  27. I’ve just tried updating my 2500 with the new April 11th update. The GPS cannot be recognized as an external device on any of the 3 computers I’ve tried (both PC and MAC). I’ve used the same cable to update the GPS with past updates and have used it on other devices which leads me to believe its the GPS, not the cable. Anyone else encounter this problem and a fix?

    Joseph - April 20th, 2008
  28. You do realize in order to apply the update you must hold down the Cobra button on the front as you are powering up the GPS. Then be patient, detection takes some time, up to 5 minutes sometimes. The boot rom flash in this unit is somewhat slow.

    I updated to 2.7 and had no issues. According to Cobra, a map update for this unit is coming in June.

    Kyle - April 20th, 2008
  29. I forgot that part. Now I feel stupid 🙂

    Joseph - April 20th, 2008
  30. After reading through previous posts, I check out teleatlas.com to purchase map updates for my NavOne 2500…they don’t even list Cobra as one of the brands that uses their maps! HELP!

    Ryan - May 3rd, 2008
  31. Ryan, you don’t purchase map updates from the mapping company. Each GPS company compiles the data into their own formats, so you need to purchase the maps from the GPS company.

    Tim - May 3rd, 2008
  32. I have a Cobra 2100 gps which the vehicle icon does not follow the hiway I am driving on.It is the second unit as it was replaced by cobra in Canada. I have updated all the new software and some guy at Cobra is telling me that the map database will be updated this year and that SHOULD solve the problem.The map database needs to be upgraded for sure as hiways that are 4 years old do not show up. The unit worked well in the U.S.but not in Western Canada.It sometimes will follow the hiway I am on and the next trip not. I will not purchase another Cobra product if this cannot be resolved.I have had many, many e-mails with Cobra to no solution and no refund as it was a gift and I have no reciept.Help

    Keith - June 18th, 2008
  33. Hum I just purchased a Cobra nav one 2500, I have not opened the box yet and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t return it. But the price was right $100.00 cdn. Appreciate all the comments on this GPS.

    Doug - August 14th, 2008
  34. Doug
    If you have the same experienceas I have I would suggest it’s a waste of $100.00.Still have no solution to the problem and Cobra now ignores my requests and so does it’s authorized agent in canada

    keith - August 18th, 2008
  35. Purchased the nav one 2100 in april of 07 did like the unit at all it. For one it was absolutely slow at recalculating your route if you missed a turn. Did not like the fact it just said destination ahead while instead of saying destination on your left or rite which has caused me to drive past a few locations sumtimes. I don’t know about any one elses 2100 but mine had a habit of encountering a fatal software error while navigating which has happened more than once and at the most inconvenient times. Im glad someone stole it.

    Stan - August 18th, 2008
  36. My Navone 2500 the other day asked “are you tired, pull of and sleep” cant remember the exact wording but me and my wife both heard it is it posesed or has anyone else heard it too

    Terry - September 8th, 2008
  37. Is there any way to update the 2500 besides the cd you use for updating cause its missing half the roads and exits around here cause there finishing up alot of construction.

    terry - September 8th, 2008
  38. Just got a 2500 as a castoff,relatives sent it when their son bought something newer and better. started out seemly ok.. but oddly sluggish. Cobra tech walked me thru a reboot and data reset. Device works wonderfully now… but all the addresses in it went default to over 2 yrs old. can’t get back the old/new maps that were in it.
    Ah well.. Wondering what killed the thing in the first place.. froze,screens would lock up.. some functions didn’t work….now it does work… but with outdated maps.

    Mark - September 23rd, 2008
  39. So I tried to get the latest update, for which I had to call Cobra since I don’t have the latest database, the rep informs me the update will cost me $130.00 and all I can say is, Why did I get a cheap GPS? I could have got a tomtom and any version on it would have worked perfectly. DId anyone else have this problem?

    John - February 4th, 2009
  40. John the map update you have to pay for is for current roads (as of September 2008 anyway). Users who bought the GPS with database 6036 (2006 maps) were entitled to a free upgrade to version 7010 (2007 maps). Just like any reputable GPS manufacturer (NOT TomTom) you have to pay for new maps on any given year you want them.

    Kyle - February 4th, 2009
  41. Ok, seems my husband has had this the nav one 2500 for a while and just decided to try and use it.
    I plugged it in to the computer to try to get the updates, but my computer won’t recognize it, what do I do now?

    Nay - November 29th, 2009
    • Throw it away ..cobra Gps’s are junk and the service is terrible.

      keith - November 29th, 2009
      • I bought my 2500 a few years back. It worked great at first. Then it started slowing way down. I went to cobra.com and updated the software and then it really started acting crazy. Gave up on the thing until recently. I went back to the website and took a closer look at the updated instructions. I had updated to version 3.2.0 However you can not use that version with my currant database of 7007. So I deleted the 3.2.0 version and reinstalled the 2.7.0 version. Seams to be ok at my computer desk. We’ll see how it acts in the car the next couple of weeks. I wouldn’t buy a Cobra again.

        Craig - February 26th, 2010
  42. Don’t waste your time trying to do anything with these GPS units. I have a model 2750 and these things are real orphans. I use it but if you have a good map I think you are better off. I thought I was getting a good buy when I got this one, little did I know. Good Luck!

    George - November 29th, 2009
    • thats why they are cheap…they are JUNK..I had 2 different models 2100 and 2500 same thing..won’t track the hiway you are on and give you wrong directions …will make you turn in a circle off the hiway and back on JUNK JUNK JUNK

      keith - November 29th, 2009
  43. I went to cobra updates to update maps.Every thing works great except it will not navigate.Road maps are all good.Will show home in the place you are at currently.Just won;t navigate.Any one know how to make it navigate?Went to CobraNav 2xxx Software update.

    Jeannie - October 28th, 2011

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