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Cobra Nav One 4500 Article in Chicago Sun-Times


The Chicago Sun-Times has an article on the Cobra Nav One 4500. The article really isn’t so much a review of the NavOne 4500 as it is informational. Cobra is based in Chicago so the article highlighted more information about GPS navigation itself rather than a full review of the product. Nonetheless there was some information about the Cobra NavOne 4500 presented.

Cobra is hoping to be the first company to offer real-time rerouting around traffic congestion in the US. Garmin, among others, is also in the race.

The data, refreshed every two minutes, is available for 48 major cities, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles on down to smaller cities, including West Palm Beach, Fla., and Austin, Texas. Marsh said these cities include more than 70 percent of the United States population.

The NavOne 4500 is 50 percent smaller than previous Cobra offerings while retaining the same screen size. They also have a unique way of looking up addresses that require the bare minimum of taps on the touch-screen.

“People want the most information they can get about their trip,” said Dave Marsh, Cobra’s director of navigation product management. “Their No. 1 irritant is traffic. Our system is the first one not built into a luxury car that can provide them in virtually real time with information about traffic incidents, such as accidents and construction.”

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