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Cobra Switches from NAVTEQ to Tele Atlas


Cobra said in their Q1 Press Release that they have started to license map data and software from Tele Atlas, signaling a switch from NAVTEQ.

“During the first quarter, Cobra licensed mobile navigation source code and other intellectual property from TeleAtlas North America, Inc., a leading supplier of digital maps and navigation products. This software, and the related intellectual property, will provide Cobra with cutting-edge capabilities as we launch new mobile navigation products.” – Jim Bazet, Cobra’s President and CEO.

Cobra’s first GPS navigation systems to use Tele Atlas data and software are due in late June.

Cobra also indicated their Q1 sales increases were largely attributed to the success of the Cobra Nav One 4500.

“Cobra’s sales increase in the first quarter reflected improved sales of mobile navigation products, including the NAV ONE(TM) 4000 and NAV ONE 4500. Last year, sales of mobile navigation products were hurt by high return rates and the costs of promotional programs due to unfulfilled holiday expectations of our customers. This year, our retail customers continued to purchase products in the first quarter, reflecting strong sell-through of our mobile navigation products to the consumer.

4 Responses

  1. […] We mentioned previously about Cobra switching from NAVTEQ to Tele Atlas for map data/software. The first Cobra device to feature the Tele Atlas data should be the Cobra Nav One 2500. The Nav One 2500 comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen color display. Maps of the USA and Canada come preloaded on the device. […]

  2. What a year for TeleAtlas! I just read an article that Pioneer is going to be using T.A. maps in all their in-car navigation systems going forward. TomTom uses their maps too, and they’re doing incredibly well breaking into the US market. Will be interesting to watch them continue to climb!

    Susie - May 4th, 2006
  3. […] Just a point of clarification, not all GPS manufacturers use NAVTEQ maps, TomTom (mentioned above) and several other manufacturers use Tele Atlas maps. Cobra is reportedly switching to Tele Atlas and other companies such as Mio, Pioneer, and TeleType have also used Tele Atlas maps. Still other companies use their own base maps such as DeLorme. […]

  4. Thanks for the clarification – seems like a lot of reputable GPS makers are using TeleAtlas already or switching to it. 😀

    Sig - May 19th, 2006

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