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Commodore Navigator Combo GPS Review


Commodore Navigator ComboCommodore (yes the same Commodore company from the early eighties that released the famous Commodore 16 and Commodore 64 computers) has released a new device that includes a GPS receiver. The Commodore Navigator Combo has a 30GB drive preloaded with maps for GPS navigation.

The device also has speakers to play music in either MP3 or WMA format to which will obviously support the new Commodore Music Store. The device will also play MEPG-4 and DivX movies and is based on Windows CE. Media can be transfered to the Commodore GPS Navigator Combo through USB 2.0 and SD memory. The devie has a 3.6 inch touch sreen display. No word yet on price.

One Response

  1. This GPS that bears the name “Commodore” by no means has or ever will have anything to do with original company that produced the best selling home personal computers, true multi-tasking multimedia computers, during the 1980’s except the brand name which they legally own and run by Commodore International BV and their parent company Tulip Computers NV.
    I am by no means saying that this and other products made and sold by Commodore International BV are bad or inferior products whatsoever, in fact I pass no judgment at all and just wanted people to know who and what they are buying.
    If you are interested in the history of Commodore and Amiga just Goggle the name or go to Wikipedia which has a fairly accurate history. And yes I am a Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 fanboy. In fact I still own and use my Amiga 500 for fun every once in a while.

    jremnet - March 5th, 2008

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