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Confessions of Nuvi Owners: Introduction


Over the past few months a couple of readers have approached me who had previously been Nuvi owners, that had also taken the time to evaluate a TomTom device. They both provided extremely candid and fair feedback about their experiences. In the end it seems one will be keeping his Nuvi, while the other kept the TomTom. When comparing top level GPS devices from the top two GPS companies the differences and “deciding factors” often come down to smaller features unique to the individual rather than large feature gaps or significant flaws.

Therefore reading how these two people reached the decisions they did (albeit different decisions) will likely be valuable to people considering similar models. In the end it is impossible just to simply ask, which is better a TomTom GO or a Garmin Nuvi? There is no simple answer. It really depends on how you will use the GPS and which features are important to you. That will make a much bigger difference over what anyone says is “the best” based on their impressions. So listen to what these two people have to say about how they made their decisions, and which of those factors might be important to you.

  1. Nuvi 760 to GO 930
  2. Niuv 660 to GO 720

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