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CrossRate Receives Grant to Fund GPS Product Development, Improve GPS Reliability


CrossRate Technology, LLC has received a Maine Technology Institute (MTI) Development Award to fund development of an integrated GPS/Loran receiver. The MTI Development Award provides matching funding for companies to further research and development projects, and will be matched with private investment.

Unknown to most people, the daily life of the average American is dependent upon precise positioning, timing and frequency information. High profile examples of our dependence upon this information include:

* Telecommunications
* Internet Operations
* Military Combat Systems
* Electric Power Delivery Systems
* Aircraft and marine vessel navigation
* Rail System Operations
* Financial transactions

However, as society continues to intertwine itself with positioning, timing and frequency information, it continues to increase its risk level because it begins to link all aspects of our life by one common thread: GPS. And this thread is vulnerable. A Department of Transportation funded study on GPS vulnerabilities stated:

“…GPS is susceptible to unintentional disruption from such causes as atmospheric effects, signal blockage from buildings, and interference from communications equipment, as well as to potential deliberate disruption.”

[An] online hacker magazine brought the vulnerabilities into stark relief in an article titled “Low Cost and Portable GPS Jammer”. This article provided complete instructions, including schematic diagrams and a parts list, to construct a GPS jammer with parts available at Radio Shack.

A government sponsored Volpe study concluded that the current GPS system, and reliance upon it as the sole method of providing information, vital to our societal needs, is not a fail-safe proposition. The study identified the need for a reliable back-up system that meets the same multi-modal requirements as GPS.

CrossRate’s products will provide a backup to GPS to ensure the continuous flow of information to support critical applications.

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