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Dash now Done


While it was nearly a year and a half ago when Dash announced they were no longer going to build their infamous Dash Express, they have continued to provide service and limited support for the product. Today we have learned that too will end on June 30.

In a letter sent to current Dash subscribers, the company details their plans to cease subscriptions and support. While the company has since been sold to RIM and there were indications some of the technology might be used in a RIM navigation product, there is growing speculation that the sale wasn’t much more than a tax write-off for RIM.

In some ways the Dash Express was ahead of its time being the first Internet connected PNDs and utilizing crowd-sourced traffic in addition to traditional traffic. Internet connectivity is still a tiny niche of the PND business yet to fully mature. Dash also had an “app store” which has yet to be matched. TomTom has recently announced the TomTom Developer API which will likely fuel their own GPS App Store, but that is still likely several months away. Dash could be a great example of why first to market isn’t always the best business move.

We will be discontinuing service and support of the Dash Express product effective June 30, 2010, no new month to month subscriptions will be sold after today (May 24, 2010). Your loyalty to our product for the last few years is truly valued and appreciated.

We will issue prorated refunds to customers with an outstanding balance on their remaining pre-paid subscription. Our month-to-month subscribers will simply see their service expire automatically on June 30, 2010.

In order for us to process your refund, we will need you to verify/enter your mailing address here

We thank you for your support of the Dash Express product.


Team Dash

So what does this mean for current users of the Dash Express?

  • Your device will continue to operate as a stand-alone GPS device (you can navigate to an address)
  • You will no longer have any connected features (Tru Traffic, Yahoo! Local search, Send 2 Car, Dash Apps, etc)

3 Responses

  1. As a traveling sales person for the last six years I have utilized many GPS units and services. Over the last two years I had the opportunity to benefit from the features of the Dash Express. The most valuable feature was the Send2 service. This allowed my Minneapolis based company to send addresses to my Dash Express in seconds, providing more safety and abilty to load customer address in Dash memory. I am currently seeking another unit with this feature if anyone can direct me to Send2 service on GPS please respond. It is a great disappointment this unit is discontinued. It is far better than any other unit on the market even today.

    jon - June 3rd, 2010
  2. I’m with Jon. Both my boss and I use the Send2Car feature and the real-time traffic speeds extensively. We will both miss these features of the Dash.

    Please do speak up, if you’ve any ideas.

    Thanks in advance,
    Alex Pournelle

    Alexander Pournelle - June 6th, 2010
  3. Still using my Dash every day. Most of the time I’m going to & from work or somewhere else I already know the way to and don’t need routing, but I keep an eye on live traffic using the 2D overhead map (like what you’d see if you used a computer to go to Google Maps and clicked Show Traffic).

    I can’t believe it’s so hard to find something that gives a simple color-coded overhead view of traffic! It does me no good to have text notices of delays along my route I have to read through while driving and figure out where they are – there are ALWAYS delays somewhere, what I want to know is if it’s a yellow, like normal rush hour traffic, or a red, where it’s stop and go and I need to take an alternate route.

    I know I can see the Google maps traffic on my BlackBerry, but the screen is tiny and the app doesn’t have a setting to keep the screen turned on while plugged in. The Inrix Traffic app for the iPod Touch is great, but I don’t have a mobile wi-fi in my car.

    I thought the Cydle GPS might work since it has HD radio updates from Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network, but I can’t find anything showing that it does the color-coded traffic overlay on the regular 2D map – the info I’ve seen shows the color-coding but makes it look like you have to click on a traffic icon and flip through static snapshots that have the color-coded traffic. If that’s really the way it works, how the heck is a person supposed to monitor their whole commute when it involves specific segments of 5-10 different major roads?

    Blargh, I’m dying….

    Brian - June 10th, 2010

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