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Dash Gets Voice Recognition


Well, sort of… You know there is a catch. 🙂 But hey… for a device that didn’t ship with any voice control services, this is a bonus! So here is how this works. Remember when you signed up for your MyDash account and it asked you for your phone number? Well, they had a trick up their sleeve. Now just call a number, the system recognizes you by your caller ID, you speak where you want to go, and the destination is beamed instantly to your Dash Express…. Pretty slick!


Dash has actually partnered with two different companies to offer this service. First is a company we have talked about here before, Dial DIR-ECT-IONS. Basically you call up the number 1-DIRECTIONS, speak the name of an intersection or street address, and the location gets beamed down to your Dash Express nearly instantly. It is that simple.


The second company Dash partnered with is Tellme. Call 1-800-CALL-411, tell them the city and state you are in, the type of POI you are looking for, and the system will list off matching businesses and their rating. Looking for some good Sushi while out of town? Call the number, tell them where you are and that you are looking for Sushi. They will list out a number of options including business ratings, and then you pick which one you want to go to. Then the info for that POI will get sent down to your Dash, nearly instantly.

The Results

What is beautiful about this system is that you can perform these actions before you even get to your car. You can be walking out to your car, dial up one of these services, and the destination will be waiting for you thanks to the Dash Send2GPS functionality.

In many ways this could be even more convenient than the MSN direct solution of searching MSN maps, and beaming the results to your GPS as no internet connection is required… Just a mobile phone. This won’t make the Dash Express any smaller, but it will make it more convenient for many.

I’ve been playing around with this service the past couple of days, and it really is slick. While sometimes I need to repeat myself to get it to understand the city or street I’m trying to say, it hasn’t taken more than twice. And what is truly remarkable is the speed at which it happens. The voice will say “is this correct?” and as soon as my lips say “Yes” my Dash is barking out “New Address!”. Some of the times my Dash would even say “New Address!” before the voice on the phone would say “okay, we will send that location to your Dash”.

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