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Dash in 3D


Dash is now showing off some pictures of the 3D mode in their Dash Express GPS. As you might recall up until now most of the screenshots have all been representations of the 2D, overhead view. In the screenshot shown (after the jump) you can see the following elements. On the top is the name of the next screen, a graphical intersection/turn indicator, and the distance to that maneuver. On the bottom right the arrival time is shown. Tapping on that button will cycle through the arrival time, distance remaining, and time remaining.

Dash GPS 3D Map ViewOn the map a few things can be noticed. First, all of the street names are shown horizontally, with a small dot marking the street being labeled. Many other GPS devices have the ability to rotate the text. It can be argued which is better… having the text line up with the street or having the text always be horizontal, but many people who have used the Magellan Maestro models have criticized it for being able to only display horizontal text. I haven’t found it to be much of an issue myself.

You can also see some of the traffic reports with the green and orange dotted lines. The green represents fast, orange for slower, and red for jammed. They also show if the traffic is coming from their outside traffic provider (INRIX) or their own driver network by using a dashed or solid line to distinguish between the two types although I only see the dashed lines in these shots.

You can see more pictures here.

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