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Dash Navigation Promises to Change Auto Navigation


A new company called Dash Navigation appeared on the map today. The startup company is building a new auto GPS device (PND) that promises to change auto navigation devices. While a “new” company to most people, Dash Navigation has existed for more than three years, has 44 employees, and has several patents granted with an additional 20 patents pending. Dash is based in Mountain View, California…. just down the road from Google.

“If you’re a professional who spends hours a day on the road, a commuter stuck in traffic, or a soccer mom juggling schedules, Dash transforms your driving day,” said John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. “Dash provides the best traffic and local information for your everyday life.”

So how will Dash be different? The Dash Navigation devices will be connected to the Internet, and through that data connection the Dash devices will be able to provide up-to-date information such as traffic conditions. Of course other navigation systems can provide traffic information, so this in itself isn’t totally new. However the Internet connected Dash GPS receivers will possibly take this information to the next level.

For example all of the Dash Navigation GPS receivers will send information back and forth to a central server, and they can exchange information. CEO Paul Lego explains the benefits of this information:

“The best information comes from someone who’s five minutes ahead of you on the road you’re driving,” he says. “The second-best information is knowing what that road was like at the same time of day a week ago.”

In addition, materials we have seen suggest that updated maps can be “pushed” down to the device automatically, possibly helping fix the number one complaint of GPS devices… outdated maps.

No word yet on exactly what type of mobile technology will be used to provide the remote internet connection, however it is expected to be a subscription, pay as you go solution. Consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area might be able to get their hands on a Dash GPS device by Q1 2007 with nationwide availability coming around Q3 of 2007.

4 Responses

  1. The internet option is going to make this thing rock.

    Lucky Dog - August 29th, 2006
  2. So they will know who you are (because of the unique id for the subscription system) and where you are (because the GPS is sending your cordinates up the server). This is essencially tracking me down wherever I drive. If this data is available, even if secured, there is a possibility to be used against me (I already can imagine an insurance company using it to classify my driving habits and put whatever they think is less or more risky for their money).
    OTOH, this would be the perfect system for control freak parents to have for their teenager drivers.

    movedor - September 5th, 2006
  3. […] Dash has partially taken the wraps off their new GPS product, the Dash Express. (We’ve previously talked about Dash here.) The unique feature about Dash is two-way connectivity with the Internet to provide traffic information. […]

    Dash Express GPS Review - September 26th, 2006
  4. […] Also, there are companies who are introducing technologies that could make map updates a thing of the past. A company called Dash Navigation is starting to build GPS devices which offer two way connectivity. This enables the GPS device to receive updatesa automatically. With such a technology in place the user could always have the most up-to-date maps available automatically loaded into their GPS. […]

    GPS Vs. Paper Maps GPS Review - November 27th, 2006

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