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Dash User Satisfaction


We (and many other sites) just can’t seen to stop talking about the Dash Express. But we were also wondering what users thought of their devices. In our Dash Forums readers have chimed in with their thoughts which we will link to below, and of course you can read Our Dash GPS Review. But what do users collectively think? I got access to a little bit of data that might put it into perspective.

Note: The data here is based on a total of between 100 and 1,000 GPS sales– while a sample size in the hundreds is fairly strong, it isn’t entirely scientific.

I decided to take a look at what percentage of people might keep their device, rather than purchasing it and returning it later. Here is where things stacked up. Garmin purchasers kept their devices about 95% of the time, as did Magellan users. TomTom users kept their devices about 93% of the time. All quite similar, and certainly within any margin of error.

GPS Return Rates Compared Garmin Magellan TomTom Dash

The Dash Express on the other hand was returned about 30% of the time, so 70% of purchasers kept their device. So what does it say about the Dash? We can think of a few reasons why the Dash might have a higher return rate over other products.

  1. Subscription Fee: While people should know about the subscription cost up front, around the time the free trial subscription runs out people might think twice, and opt for a device that doesn’t require a subscription for the most revolutionary features.
  2. No In-Store Demo: For now, I can count on one hand the locations where you can purchase the Express from, and none of them have any nearby storefronts– so there is little option to “try before you buy”.
  3. Physical Size: With thefts of GPS devices on the rise, being able to take the GPS with you when you leave the car is an important feature many people are looking for– taking along such a huge device is a pain in the butt.
  4. Routing Issues: We encountered a few routing issues with our Dash, and it has been a very popular thread of conversation in Dash’s user forums as well.

As for issue number 1, the subscription, the recent price drop might help with that. Dash has also said that over the next several months the Express will start to become available in more local stores, which should help people check it out before they make their purchase. Without a new model release, not much can be done about the size issue. However the routing issues could be addressed with a software update.

Aside from the issues mentioned in our review, the Dash is quite an impressive navigator and second to none in traffic. They have generated an incredible amount of hype surrounding the device, and much of that hype is warranted. Want to know what other people think of their Dash Express? Check out these threads from our GPS Forum.

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  • Update: I got a message from Dash where they said this: “I can tell you matter-of-factly the numbers are nowhere near that level – our return rates are inline with industry norms.” That is good to hear, and I’m not surprised that their overall “keep” rates are higher than the small numbers I’ve seen. It is a great device, but also one targeted towards a specific market that might not appeal to every GPS user out there.

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