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Dash Navigation Yahoo Local Search


Dash announced today they are partnering with Yahoo to offer Yahoo Local Search on their upcoming GPS device. If everything works as advertised, this could really change the landscape of GPS devices. So how will it work? Think about it like this..

You are driving in an unfamiliar city for work going to a meeting. Your GPS is navigating you to the meeting location when you spill coffee on your shirt. Now you need to find a place which sells dress shirts, and fast!

Typically with a GPS device you would then do a POI lookup and either search by category, often only finding a listing as specific as “Stores” or, you would perform a POI lookup by the name of a particular store.

That won’t work well for you in this situation. You don’t care about which store you go to and you need a specific kind of store. Enter Dash and connectivity with the Yahoo Local Search engine.

Your GPS knows where you are and you search for “clothing”. Your GPS device will now find the nearest location which offers clothing and reroute you to that location. In and out of the store with a new shirt and off to the meeting just in time…. without a coffee stained shirt.

“Yahoo! is committed to providing innovative ways to help consumers find relevant information when, where and how they want it,” said Paul Levine, general manager of Yahoo! Local. “Working with Dash takes us one step closer to that goal and provides consumers with another meaningful and relevant way to interact with our products.”

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