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DeLorme Blue Logger 60 Hour Battery


Alti-Tech-Blue-Logger-BatteryFor those of you who own a DeLorme Blue Logger GPS but are not impressed with the eight hour battery life, a new product has been released that may fix that problem.

Sure, if you are using the Blue Logger GPS for auto navigation eight hours is normally plenty. But if you are taking advantage of the tracklogging functionality you might have noticed the Blue Logger GPS can hold much more data than the battery allows. Enter Alti-Tech.

Alti-Tech has developed a product they are calling the GPS Power Case. This case fully encloses the Blue Logger GPS into a new water and dust proof case. This case reportedly does not cut down on any GPS receiption and provides up to 60 hours of battery life.

The case also enables other external power sources to be used such as solar cells or voltage direct from the automobile. The product costs $189 so this really isn’t designed for someone who wants to get another couple of hours out of their DeLorme Blue Logger GPS. But if you want to get 60 hours of battery life… this looks to be a winner.

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the write-up!

    It’s nice to see that the GPS Power Case is starting to get noticed – we’ve been so busy working on some of our other projects that we haven’t had much of a chance to follow up on the Power Case press release.

    Swing by our website – http://www.alti-tech.com – to see what we’re been up to.



    Jeremy Giles - February 22nd, 2006
  2. I have a question concerning this product.

    1. With this device along with the Blue logger would the full life of the unit be 60hrs+8hrs = 68 hours? I guess the question really should be, where does the extended life come from? Does it conserve the battery life, or have an alternative battery source inside the power case?

    2. Since I don’t own the blue logger or the power case I need to know if a GPS antenna would be able to hook up with this unit inside the power case?

    I’m planning on purchasing 6 blue loggers for myself, however seeing that this power case is even more expensive then the actual blue loggers, I am wanting to know if it is even worth it, or If I have to make my own battery extension devise in my garage. I need more then 60-70 hours eventually per unit, but as of now, I’m trying to determine if getting this power case would benefit me until that time comes. Any advice? Thanks -James

    James from Houston - March 19th, 2006
  3. Hi James,

    The following PDF file might help answer some of your questions. (Power Case) To answer the first question, installation requires that you remove the original battery to install the Blue Logger in the case. So you don’t get 60 + 8 out of the device, just the 60.

    I don’t have a definitive answer to your second question, however looking at the diagrams I don’t see much room along the side for an external antenna. (The external antenna mount on the Blue Logger is beside the last “e” in the word Earthmate along the side.)

    GPS Review - March 19th, 2006
  4. Hi James, I’m the president of Alti-tech.

    The -total- time is 60 hours of operation, and we could modify the unit to accept an external antenna for you if you let us know which antenna you would be using.

    The price of our unit does seem high, but this is due to the fact that we don’t make nearly as many GPS power cases as DeLorme makes Blue Loggers! All our manufacturing and production is done in North America even our Li-ion cells come from a Canadian source.

    Our unit has an internal charger and Li-ion battery that replace the battery in the Blue Logger. If you need to keep the GPS Power Case running longer than 60 hours, we could attach a small 5W solar panel that would extend the run time of the unit by powering during the day.

    Feel free to contact me and ask any questions, we have the ability to modify units to meet your needs.


    Adrian Bolden, President
    Alti-tech Engineering Inc.
    ph 604 215 9400

    Adrian Bolden - March 19th, 2006
  5. Like the Earthmate BlueLogger before it, this sounds like a great idea. The BlueLogger was a GPS receiver with no UI (has one button and two LEDs). It used a blue tooth connection to connect with your laptop and your mapping software provided all the display. It also logged directly on the BlueLogger memory so if the laptop decided to shut down at the wrong time, you still had the track log of everything you had done. It was a great concept and it worked some of the time.
    The problem was that it was not dependable. Sometimes it would boot and connect, sometimes not. It would never run for more than a few hours without locking up or stopping. You often had to pull the battery out to reset it, and sometimes that wouldn’t even do the trick. I was NEVER able to get it to work for a full Jeep trip, even a one day trip. I have reverted to my old and reliable Garmin GPS 12Map and the wires to hook it to my laptop.
    I do love the DeLorme TopoUSA software and use it all the time.
    My other concern is that 400 sq km is not much data when dealing with a what a vehicle can cover when off the pavement.
    I will wait until DeLorme has a piece of hardware that users find to run flawlessly and consistently and there is an obvious reasonable priced mechanism to get the additional data.
    DeLorme, please keep trying. I am sure you will get it right.

    Bruce - March 21st, 2007
    • I still use or try to use the blue logger with some success. Have same problem getting it to work for more than a few hours without locking up. I can not decide to order another battery or not. Has Delorme done anything to improve the Blue Logger? They still sell it on their site for $100. They must have improved it. No company with the reputation of Delorme would continue sell a product that poor would they???

      Peter Schneider - May 24th, 2010
      • I don’t believe DeLorme has sold the Blue Logger in a few years. The Bluetooth GPS they are selling on their website looks fairly similar, but is a different model, the BT-20.

        Tim - May 24th, 2010

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