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DeLorme GPS in Camo?


One of our eagle-eyed forum members was shopping over at Wal*Mart’s online store and came across a power cable for the DeLorme PN-series GPS devices. We know that the PN-20 comes in vivid yellow, the PN-40 comes in electric orange, and the predicted PN-30 comes in green. But depicted on the box for the power cable is what could be a new color… camouflage.

DeLorme Camo(You can click on the photo go get a slightly better view.) Now there could just be something wrong with the photo, but the green looks accurate to other pictures of the PN-30 and the orange is a dead match for the PN-40. So does this signal a new GPS from DeLorme? Perhaps… but I’d say it is more likely that either the PN-30 or PN-40 could be offered in an alternate color.

Prime hunting season is still a few months out, but it sure seems like a camouflage colored PN-series device from DeLorme is a strong possibility.

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