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Delorme GPS Lt-20 Street Atlas USA


pcmag has reviewed the Delorme LT-20 software giving it a 2.5 out of 5 rating. They liked that it has more features than Streets and Trips and that it has a more up to date POI database than Streets and Trips. They also liked the GPS logging features, voice prompting and voice recognition capabilities. They didn’t like the user interface and have problems with GPS accuracy.

Street Atlas 2006, as noted, is much more fully featured than Microsoft’s Streets and Trips 2006 but harder to use. That in itself isn’t terrible, but our experiences showed GPS accuracy to be a serious problem.

The true test of performance for a GPS-based product is a road trip, of course. When we ran the same routing test as we did with S&T 2006, the route recommended seemed less direct, and the map database didn’t know about a recently completed ramp that was part of the S&T 2006 route. Granted, our test was over a fairly limited range, but it was designed to test new and old streets as well as residential and state routes. On the other hand, we liked that unlike S&T 2006, Street Atlas 2006 automatically recalculated our route after we made an (intentional) error.

I find it interesting that they gave it such a low rating with relatively few complaints. I wouldn’t suggest the user interface will win any design awards, however I wouldn’t consider it horrible either. Times I’ve used the LT-20 GPS I have not had trouble with accuracy.

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