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DeLorme LT-40 & Street Atlas USA 2009


What if you could have a GPS navigation system in your car with the following features–

  • Maps of the USA, Canada, and major roads in Mexico
  • 3D driving View
  • 4 Million POIs
  • The ability to plan routes from the comfort of your laptop
  • Three hour battery life
  • 13 Inch display
  • Voice prompts and speech recognition
  • $69

Sounds good, right? There must be a catch, right? Well, yes, there is a small catch. The Laptop or UMPCs (ultra-mobile personal computer) is not included– but you probably already have one.

DeLorme GPS NavMode 3D PerspectiveDeLorme’s new Street Atlas USA 2009 in combination with their new LT-40 does just that. Install the software on your laptop, plug in the high sensitivity GPS powered by the STMicroelectronics Teseo chipset and be on your way.

While we still love the traditional PND for the convenience and portability, there are still large numbers of people who are hard-core believers in using their laptops in their vehicles. These solutions are still incredibly popular among RV drivers and truck drivers. The software also include information and services from truck stops.

View a larger demo of the software in action.

4 Responses

  1. I could not hear any text to speech in the LT 40 demo. For me text to speech is a bog deal.

    John - May 2nd, 2008
  2. This is a pretty decent review. But would you recommend Delorme over TomTom? I’m still debating the two right now but it seems they are about equal overall. I’ve been having issues with finding a real comparison.

    Bryan - March 31st, 2009
    • DeLorme LT-40 & Street Atlas USA 2009 is disgusting it is rated 2.5 of 5 star but my rating would be much less then that.
      If you can get Microsoft streets and trips 2006 is better then any newer wersion.
      Best regards, Steven

      steven - September 10th, 2009
      • Be nice to know exactly what is “disgusting” about it. Interface, map data, the GPS device or ???

        Francis - October 1st, 2009

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