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DeLorme PN-40 to get Subscription Maps


We talked quite a bit about the DeLorme PN-40 when it was quasi announced just over a month ago. With “Fall” coming quicker than many of us hope, we’re starting to get more details (and hands-on!) with the “40”. Today we’ve learned that the 40 will make adding on all of those supplemental map types far less expensive than it was in the past.

Update: Register to win some DeLorme goodies related to the PN-40 at their new minisite for the 40.

DeLorme PN-40Just how less expensive? Before it was easy to spend $100 or more downloading high resolution aerial photography for a given trip. DeLorme gave purchasers a $100 certificate in the box with the older PN-20, and I’m certain most people blew through that fairly fast. The expensive supplemental maps were a common complaint.

Since the new PN-40 is going to go a step beyond the 20 and offer many more “pro” type GPS features, future PN-40 owners are likely to be even more map hungry. So here is how supplemental map pricing will work for the PN-40. Ready for this? Take what you want for $29.95 annually.

For a user like myself who has spent over $250 on supplemental maps in addition to using up a couple of $100 certificates– this is quite welcome news. 🙂 Direct from the press release:

With the new DeLorme Map Library Annual Subscription plan, users can purchase an unlimited amount of supplemental data for only $29.95 via the Topo USA 7.0

So you’ll be able to go grab aerial photography, satellite imagery, USGS scanned topo maps, and NOAA Harbor charts without breaking the bank. When? DeLorme is targeting a September release date.

There are lots of other new features on the 40 to talk about, most of which are on our DeLorme PN40 page. I’m also happy to report that I’ll have my hands on the new DeLorme over the next couple of days, and we’ll be posting photos and updates as I can. Stay tuned!

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