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Dual Electronics XNAV3500P GPS Review


pcmag has reviewed the Dual Electronics XNAV3500P GPSNavigation system…. They didn’t like it very much at all and gave it a “poor” rating. They did like the small size, built-in battery, and pedestrian profile feature. However they felt there were much better GPS systems on the market for less money. Specifically they didn’t like the keyboard input or menu system.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about the XNAV3500P is the method of data entry. Like most other GPS receivers, you use a touch screen with a “soft” keyboard. But this device arranges the keys in a telephone-like keypad. To enter New York, for example, you tap the MNO key twice, the DEF key twice, the WXYZ key once, and so on. This method of data entry is familiar to those who do SMS messaging on their cell phones, but it is awkward and time-consuming—especially since nearly all other touch-screen GPS receivers have individual soft keys for each letter of the alphabet.

It sounds like a better alternative might be the Lowrance iWay 500C or the “TomTom Go.

2 Responses

  1. Don’t listen to PC Mag. Obviously they didn’t read the manual. You can CHOOSE which data entry method you prefer. If you text message 20 or more times a day, you might feel more comfortable with the phone method. However, you can also choose the keyboard method, like other devices. It is very easy to choose between the two. I love the device. It is very accurate and the LED turn signals, while not pleasing to the eye(aka “ugly”) are a huge help. PC mag’s “uninformed” review is all over the net, so I hope this helps.

    Chris - August 24th, 2007
  2. How can i actualize my GPS because it cant find some adresses. The model number is XNAV3550. tks for you help.

    Vladimir Aguilera - January 3rd, 2012

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