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Dual Electronics XNAV3550


Dual Electronics is setting to release a new GPS navigation device, the Dual XNAV3550. This device is an upgrade to the Dual XNAV3500 (XNAV3500P) which we previously covered. This device features a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen, built in speakers, and preloaded maps of the US with a 1GB SD card. No word if they have improved data entry from the “SMS” style of keyboarding.

48 Responses

  1. I recently purchased the xnav3550. I noticed the maps are out of date. I am thinking of returning it if I can’t update the maps. This is a really nice unit for the price i paid(return item at Sears for 209.00)

    How do I update the maps? I followed the instructions in the owners guide. The DVD they shipped with it does not have any windows executables, only files that match those found on the SD card. They suggest using MS activesync. There is no USB with the xnav3550 only a SD card. Where do I get updates?

    Also, how can I add or display details on the points of interest?

    Is there a way to display speed with the map during navigation?

    Can this unit show me a breadcrumb trail of tracked travel?

    Is there marine maps?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    I’ve tried customer service twice and can’t seem to get a live person.

    Chris Dayney - December 15th, 2006
  2. I bought the XNAV3550, also at sears during one of their daily specials.

    This company appears to be putting out a basic GPS unit. Good bright display. Gives audio directions and has flashing right and left LEDs when you need to make a turn. However, the audio has no volume control, and is at times too soft to understand.

    The maps are OK, and not outdated for my area. However, I doubt we’ll see any updates from DUAL on this. I doubt DUAL is into the GPS market for the long haul, so don’t expect much support or upgrades of software.

    There are some items that appear to be unavailable on this GPS compared to other systems such as no way to clock speed except in the GPS info page. No elapsed time and no trip odometers. No breadcrumb trails. The clock appears to read in GMT time despite whatever time zone you set the unit for.

    With all the above said…. it is still a good basic GPS but short on features. Still, it’s hundreds of dollars less than other systems, so if you aren’t feature driven, you may be satisified.

    Barry Heinlen - December 16th, 2006
  3. Are there maps of Europe that could be used with xnav3550?

    Boris - December 22nd, 2006
  4. I also got the Dual at sears,I like the unit, what I don’t like is the Initial startup needs to be done every time it starts, the I accept button the whole Initial startup over and over, every stop.

    Jani - December 23rd, 2006
  5. Well guys… here’s a follow up to my prior posting.

    I ended up returning this Sears special this weekend. Yes, there were glitches, but worse yet was the fact that the GPS would not keep the coordinates for my home correct.

    In other words, while I was sitting in the driveway, I would hit the “save as favorite” button, so that my house location would be stored and I could navigate back to the house (yes, I know how to get home, but it was a test.)

    When I would then try to navigate back to the house, the unit would work OK. It would route me off on wrong streets, etc… but the location of my house was where I saved it.

    On the second attempt, the location of my house had been altered by the XNAV. It had changed the coordinates, and obvioulsy, the routings were all wrong.

    I confirmed this problem 3 times. I erased my “home” location, resaved it, and had the same issue that the unit would lose my proper location.

    I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that the actual routes chosen in navigation weren’t great….. for example, if I was driving 3 miles straight ahead on a road to get to a destination, the GPS would tell me to turn right and go several blocks to another street, while all I really needed to do was drive straight with no turns to reach my destination. I’ve got no idea why I was being routed such weird directions, I tried switching modes to “shortest route” instead of “fastest route”, but the routings were just as weird.

    Nevertheless, having a GPS that can’t save your “home” location or corrupts other “favorite” points makes this unit a loser.

    Hope your luck is better, but I gave this several days worth of testing and then routed myself back to Sears for a return.

    barry - December 25th, 2006
  6. I have had the product for a few days now. Seems like an OK unit. I have noticed the maps are a little out of date, maybe 3 years. It doesn’t have my home street in the db.

    I called their support and got a live person right away and asked about map updates. He said they would be posted on their website in 4-5 weeks. However, I have read on other sites concerning this product that support has been saying maps will be updated in 4-5 weeks for the last 3 months. I guess I’ll wait and see.

    Overall, for the money it seems like an OK deal. (so far)

    Ed - May 30th, 2007
  7. I have owned the Dual XNAV3550 for about 3 weeks now. [snip] A great value for portable GPS. It is a BASIC unit, not too many features. If you just want to get to where you’re going, it’s a great tool. I would like the Phone number to customer service to find out when new maps will be available. I live in Phoenix, the fastest growing city in the US. Maps are out dated just a few months after they are created. If anyone knows about new maps or customer service info please let me know. My contact info is: matt_phx_az@yahoo.com


    Matt Phoenix - May 31st, 2007
  8. 1-866-382-5476

    Tim - May 31st, 2007
  9. OK, an update…
    I was having a problem where the world clock (from the main menu) would always say a gps signal was required (even though I had one), so I called their support. The tech I spoke to informed me that, that feature was never activated but for some reason they left the icon on the menu.

    Again, I was impressed that I got someone that was knowledgeable on the phone so quickly and he answered my question right away. BUT, based on this and the maps being out of date I will probably be returning it. There are ones for about $100 more that have significantly more features.

    Ed - June 4th, 2007
  10. ED,
    Thats odd. When I set up my XNAV the world clock worked and I was able to select my time zone. another person above said there is no volume control. There is, external and internal. The external control is on the side in the upper right corner. The internal is under the main settings option. I have had no problems (knock knock) I actualy like the XNAV3550. For the price, how could you go wrong? If you want a million features you might as well get the GPS package for your laptop.

    Matt Phoenix - June 4th, 2007
  11. Just purchased one at [snip]. Mine does have a volume control and the world time works. So far I like it quite a bit. User interface is confusing at first and never quite smooth; voice says “please” before every command. A bit slow changing between screens. POI database so far is a little bit out of date but relatively complete- showing restaurants in my tiny town. The UI for finding a POI is poor though- my Garmin i2 made it moderately easy to see a list of places to eat. Looks like in the advanced mode you can show altitude- if I’m interpreting it right; that’s neat. Video capability would be much more useful if I could hook up my ipod (wishful thinking); am wondering what formats I can put on the memory card. Doesn’t seem to have address and telephone info for POIs, which I found useful on the Garmin (you could call ahead.) Come to think of it, the lack of address and phone for POIs may be a killer for me, I might return it.

    Eric - June 7th, 2007
  12. If you have the world clock, what happens when you select the W-CLOCK icon from the main menu? On mine, it always gives the error message “This function is available only valid GPS signal is acquired.”. Even when I DO have a GPS signal.

    Ed - June 12th, 2007
  13. I had a XNAV3550 for 4 months. It was my first GPS device. It is a nice hardware, with a bad support: the maps are outdated, the customer support (if you can call it as such) kept saying that updates would be available in 2-3 weeks, but never happened. After a trip when the GPS instructed me twice to go the wrong way on an one way street and lost signal and got confused several times (starting changing routes like crazy, even when I stopped at a traffic light), I decided to sell it and get a TomTom. So far, the TomTom seems to be a much better implemented and supported product, although the XNAV had more clean and nice graphics.

    Marco - October 19th, 2007
  14. Well, obviously this unit has been out for nearly a year, judging from the dates on the comments. Question is, has anyone found any map updates yet? I would think they would have had to put some out by now!!

    SpEd - January 22nd, 2008
  15. I just received an email from a rep at Dual and was told the following:
    “Please be advice that the new software is going to be available at the end of the month and its going to be on a 2gb SD Card and the cost for the new software is $85.00.”

    I don’t know how happy I am about being charged that kind of money for an upgrade that every other company gives away and is downloadable.

    SpEd - January 23rd, 2008
  16. I have a Dual XNAV3550 but do not have the SD card. Without it, the nav function button is greyed out. Anyone know where I can get a card or image of the card? Thanks dcrocchi@comcast.net

    Dan Crocchi - January 31st, 2008
  17. Dan I have the files you need. I sent you mail.

    Jeff B - February 3rd, 2008
    • I also can not find a software upgrade for 2009 or 2010. Where can i go to get these updates?

      Daniel - January 30th, 2010
  18. Hey Guys,
    I have the nav without the map files or the original card. can you please send me the files at esndiaye@yahoo.com

    Seuh - February 17th, 2008
  19. I just bought this unit at a yard sale "broke" for 20 bucks. seems great and easily fixable. The person said it doesn’t take a charge, it turns on and says low battery, then turns off in about a minute. When i plug it in to the cigarette adapter it doesn’t respond at all, i would have thought it would at least work off of dc power, but the owner said that the Dual rep told him to get a new internal battery. though I opened it up and looked up all the numbers on the battery, unable to find anything. I’m almost thinking maybe the dc adapter might be bad because it doesn’t even respond to anything when plugged in. Any thoughts here? ajsnow@snowshome.com

    Aaron - February 23rd, 2008
  20. The SD card is the same as you’d get from Best Buy or any other electronics card. The one that I got with my unit was a 1Gig card. They said they will be sending a 2Gig card as the upgrade. I would suggest, if you don’t have a card at all, contact them and tell them you want the upgraded maps and they will send you the maps and the new 2Gig card. Easiest way to solve this.

    SpEd - March 4th, 2008
  21. And Aaron, I work for the Geek Squad and laptop computers on a daily basis. I have seen them not work on the AC adapter if the battery is bad enough off. I do think if you replace the battery, it will then work on the DC adapter again.

    SpEd - March 4th, 2008
  22. Haha…don’t say you work for geek squad…that makes me laugh at you! 🙂 Anyway I bought a new AC adapter for it, I found a place that said a nokia ac adapter was the same one, so i went to wal-mart matched up the adapter and sure enough it works. It does not charge the battery, but at least it does now work with it plugged in, so if i can ever find a cheap replacement battery i will get it, not worried about it now though

    Aaron - March 4th, 2008
  23. I have a xnav3550 and i was wonding if it would take a 2gb card.

    John - April 10th, 2008
  24. Jeff,
    I have the same problem as Dan, could you let me know where I get the the files as well? Thanks cflattes@gmail.com

    Chris F - May 13th, 2008
  25. Jeff
    I too would like the files. I have a CD and would like to put the data on a 2 gb SD card.
    would just dragging there work. If all the different maps are on the SD card is there a way to select wich one it will use. I travel to Canada and Hawaii and need those maps active. not realy current is not an issue, more interested in big roads!

    Thanks for any help and or advice

    Alan L - May 15th, 2008
  26. Hello All. I purchased this unit for $60 new in box yesterday. In reading the notes from you guys and I’m torn on what to do. For those who have used it for a while, is it worth the trouble? Do I need to get updates from the manufacturer immediately? Let me know. Thanks!

    Craig - June 17th, 2008
  27. John, if you read my comment up further in the responses, you’ll see the 2gb card will work in the unit. The company is using a 2gb card to send out with the new maps on it.

    SpEd - June 17th, 2008
  28. I just got the unit also, about a month ago. Haven’t had much use for now, but planning on a trip next week and would like to have newer database. I don’t see anything on the website for downloading or purchasing. Has anyone been able to get this info?
    I see that this thread has been going on for awhile.
    Thanks in advance.

    Lois - June 22nd, 2008
  29. Ok, here’s where I went to get a response to the updated map question. It’s Dual Electonics website. I got a reply from them some time ago (but apparently deleted the reply). Click on the technical support and you can email them regarding the map upgrade chip. They said it would be $85.00 for the new maps on a 2 gig card.


    SpEd - June 22nd, 2008
  30. I think that’s a bunch of bull.
    How about someone pay the 85 bucks and then post the files somewhere…and we can pay them some money… 🙂

    Aaron - June 23rd, 2008
  31. Purchased this unit from sears 2 years ago, I have used it all over the country, with no problems. The startup is annoying but for the price i paid then its ok. My maps are out of date but like above, they will send you a new software on 2g sd card.

    tyron - August 3rd, 2008
  32. I have had one of these units since December ,2006. I have used it very little, maybe 40 hours total. I was happy with it until the last time I tried to use it. It can not locate a satelite. Teck support told me since it was out of warranty, they can’t do anything. I am sure it is either a bad connection or a bad antenna. I sure wouldn’t recommend this unit to anyone with this short of a life span. It was really expensive for the little bit of use I got from it.

    Bill - August 15th, 2008
  33. One bad apple I guess Bill. Sorry for your unit no longer working. Mine works wonders, and I use it all the time. If you’re interested in selling your broke on for parts get ahold of me please. ajsnow@snowshome.com

    Aaron - August 18th, 2008
  34. I can say I have not had any “operational” problems with mine. I was a little nervous with one of the routes it came up with (a very seedy section of Pittsburgh) but it did get me through it and I got where I needed to go. Sorry this one did not work for you. Maybe the map upgrades and changing my driving preferences will stop that from happening again.

    SpEd - August 19th, 2008
  35. Well I purchased this as a father’s day gift for my husband in 2006 and just like many of you I have not been able to receieve updates I have called and emailed numerous of times both corporate and customer service and to this date have not received any type of response, just this past weekend my husband and I went to the place of purchase hoping that they would be able to provide some type of assistance and THEY weren’t even able to get in touch with this company! Too bad something like this has to ruin an otherwise good product. Husband is a truck driver so pretty crucial for him to have his updates but I guess since Dual already got our money thats all that matters to them !

    Sharlet - September 26th, 2008
    • CALL 1-866-429-1628 for 2GB card. I did and have no problems. Canada, Also Alaska. As well as USA is here..

      jn - March 1st, 2009
  36. I have had mine for a little over a year and a highway constructed here a year before that was not on it, Old software out of the box. Then 3 blocks from my house on a cross street it took me 12-15 miles around the town to get there, to use the highway I guess but if you were not familiar with the area you would just drive it. And bad neighborhoods, HAHA, we call it the GPScrackwhore with the neighborhoods it has taken us thru. If anyone has the update I would love a copy.

    Steve - October 14th, 2008
  37. I got the 3550 for Christmas 2 years ago and have been seeking an update. Anyone ever get one? If so please let me know..robearll45@yahoo.com..thanks..Robert ,college Station, Texas

    Robert - December 25th, 2008
  38. The unit is crap! i can’t get an update. it re-routes constantly. it send you to areas that dont exist. my wife panicks as it sends you round in circles!!

    dont buy it!

    Mat - January 7th, 2009
  39. I just purchased this unit, plugged it in and got nothing!! Have sent three emails to Dual, and still no reply. Any advice? peejtm02@msn.com

    Perry - February 17th, 2009
  40. Ok. Here’s the latest contact info I have for the GPS. I received this email from a company rep on 2/10/09. It would seem to me that they are still alive and kicking.

    “The cost including shipping would be 85.00.. Please contact our parts dept at 866-626-7863. Our office hours are mon-fri
    between the hours
    of 8:30-5:00pm est”

    SpEd - March 3rd, 2009
  41. How good is the new up date? has any one used the new one to give a report?

    wayne - March 24th, 2009
  42. I have not gotten the update yet. I plan on getting it quite soon and will post here and let you guys know how it goes.

    SpEd - March 24th, 2009
  43. I bought the unit used for 40 bucks and i have been satisfied with it. Would like to get the updated software if anyone has it. I would contribute to the cause.

    Jon - May 6th, 2009

    ANGELO - May 31st, 2009
  45. I can confirm that the DUAL tech support only updates their maps via the 85$ 2gig SD chip. I called today, and they told me that their last update was 4 months ago. You buy the chip you get the update. 😛

    Drew - July 20th, 2009
  46. can someone please help me…i have the XNAV3550 DUAL. i am clicking on the Navi button and it says could not find INI…what do i do can any one please help me…..

    cindy - January 8th, 2011

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