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Dual XNAV9525 – 20 GB GPS


Want a GPS with a massive 20 GB hard-drive? The Dual Electronics XNAV9525 has it. The drive is partitioned (separated) to allow you to have 10 GB to store MP3 files. The other 10 B is used to store preloaded Tele Atlas maps of the USA, Canada, and 2 million POIs. This isn’t a portable GPS system however, it is designed for in dash mounting.

“GPS navigation is one of the most exciting product concepts to hit the mobile electronics business, but the one persistent problem until now was the need to fiddle with discs when trying to get directions,” said Robb Groner, Director of Product Development, Namsung America, Inc., parent company of Dual Electronics. “Our new XNAV9525 offers a smarter and more convenient alternative by allowing users to keep their hands on the wheel instead of searching the passenger seat or glove compartment for software.”

The Dual XNAV9525 is also packed with 64MB of RAM, NTSC video monitor support, remote control, and a 12 channel GPS receiver.

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