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Enkin – GPS for Google’s Android


Google’s Android Project (an operating system platform for mobile devices) promises some unique applications for mobile devices. A logical application is to take the data Google offers through their maps, street view data, and business directories and create a graphically rich GPS application for Android based mobile phones. That is what Enkin is working on now. Check out the following video.

From their news release:

Enkin is a novel 3D navigation system for Android handhelds. It allows you to navigate through your environment without using a map. Instead, all your navigational content (such as directions, annotated placemarks, etc.) is displayed extending real objects on the screen, using the devices built-in camera. Turning and moving the device will make the camera image and the content float by.

Enkin uses GPS to determine the user’s position on the globe and motion-sensors to calculate the device’s current orientation in space. Another perspective in Enkin makes you watch your content from a virtual camera high above you. The content then comes embedded in a fully textured threedimensional landscape.

Of course, you can also see your content on a classic 2D map (driven by a motionsensor-interface) which is similar to Google Maps. The different views can be switched seamlessly using 3D graphics. You can therefore “dive” right into a map. Enkin combines GPS, different orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video and several web services into an exclusively mobile application.

Enkin will be released soon after the first Android devices are available.

An extensive documentation and a demonstration video is available at:

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