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Emtac S3 BTGPS


pocketnow has reviewed the Emtac S3 BTGPS (Bluetooth GPS). The device features the legendary SiRF Star III chipset which is known for fast acquisition times, partially thanks to the 20 channel receiver. The size is 50(W) x 90(L) x 17(H) mm and the battery should last about six hours.

They really liked the fast GPS acquisition time, small size, and quick charging/long lasting battery. They didn’t like that it lacked an AC adapter, documentation, the the power switch gave them trouble.

I like this receiver a lot and would highly recommend it. It’s small, convenient, and has a reasonable operating time between charges. On top of that, it has fast signal acquisition times. I was pleased with how smoothly and cleanly it partnered with my devices and how well it operated with a variety of navigation programs. Despite the holes in the documentation and general lack of information on the topic of WAAS/EGNOS capabilities of the receiver, it has quickly replaced my CF-based GPS receiver and my puck-based receiver as my favorite GPS receiver.

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