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Unless otherwise noted, all reviews on this site are written by Tim Flight.

GPSReview.net maintains the highest levels of ethics in order to offer unbiased, independent reviews. In order to write reviews that are based only on the performance of the product, we adhere to the following ethics guidelines.


Perhaps one of our readers said it best when we explained we couldn’t answer a generic “which is best?” type question:

“As usual, I find your explanations to be very fair and without agenda. That’s a necessity in your position, and we’re lucky to have your in depth knowledge in combination with your evenhandedness.”

We try hard to figure out what is the best GPS for you, rather than just what we like.

When we refer to companies or manufacturers in this Ethics statement, the policy also extends to their public relations agencies.


We do not accept “freebie” evaluation products from manufacturers whose physical products we review. If a manufacturer says they don’t want a product back, we will offer it as a prize to a reader or sometimes give them to our forum moderators. We occasionally receive products from the manufacturer on loan for short periods of time. These products are returned to the manufacturer when the analysis has been completed.

We do not accept compensation of any kind to review a specific product, so called “paid reviews”. We only review products we decide to review on our own accord that we feel will be of most interest to our readers.

Discussions with Companies

As with anyone else who starts using a new product, we often have questions about the operation or encounter problems. We try to address those questions or problems directly with the company before the review is written. The manufacturer can then be given a chance to let us know the proper operation, or offer a fix. If something is corrected before the review is published, we might not mention the issue in the review since it has been corrected and it isn’t something any end consumer would run into at that point.

Often when receiving a loaner product for review the company will allow us to purchase the product at a discount. We do not accept these offers. If we want the product we will return the loaner and purchase the product from a third party retail store. Sometimes the company doesn’t want the product returned, in which case we will offer the product in contests or giveaways after we have finished working with the device.


The Editors and reviewers try to stay out of any discussions with GPS manufacturers who wish to purchase advertising. The advertising sales team at Shopzilla handle the negotiations with potential advertisers and the editors try to stay out of the conversation as much as practical.

We strive to offer advertising we feel will be relevant and useful to our readers. For example most of our advertising will display a list of stores, store ratings, and current prices where a product can be purchased.


The Editors do not directly invest any money in the manufacturers of products we review, nor do they offer any paid consulting services to those manufacturers. Some of the companies and their suppliers could be part of a larger index fund or mutual fund, but we don’t make direct investments.

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