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Family Lost Geocaching


Update: We’ve updated this story with new first-hand information. Please see the updated story, Family NOT lost geocaching.

Recently a family got lost while Geocaching near Myakka City, Florida. The family realized they could not find their way out of the woods and called 911 to ask for assistance. A Sheriff Department helicopter later located them and a country truck was able to drive in and rescue the seven member family.

This is a good lesson for everyone. GPS is a tool, not a fail-proof wonder gadget. These people are not the first… nor will they be the last people to become lost even though they have a GPS device.

I’m sorry the Mileys family had a bad experience Geocaching. If by chance they happen to come across this article in the next few weeks…. I’m not too far from you and would gladly offer a free GPS lesson to you and we’ll go find that cache! Just contact us.

One Response

  1. […] A couple of days ago we reported about a family lost geocaching. Since I was going to be in the area where that family is from for the next couple of weeks I offered GPS instruction to them. The family did contact me…. to tell me the story that ran in the local newspaper was incorrect. […]

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