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Family NOT Lost Geocaching


A couple of days ago we reported about a family lost geocaching. Since I was going to be in the area where that family is from for the next couple of weeks I offered GPS instruction to them. The family did contact me…. to tell me the story that ran in the local newspaper was incorrect.

As it turns out, one member of the family had hurt their knee and wasn’t going to be able to walk out of the woods under her own power. So they skillfully read the coordinates from their GPS and gave those coordinates to the Sheriff’s Department who came to assist them.

4 Responses

  1. So, if that is the real story — and they just gave their location — then why did taxpayers have to pay for HELICOPTER FUEL to fly over them?? Should have just driven the truck in and picked them up. The cops could have went out and just BOUGHT a GPSr for what we all paid for a helicopter that wasn’t needed…

    – John…

    John Goggan - April 19th, 2006
  2. […] Update: We’ve updated this story with new first-hand information. Please see the updated story, Family NOT lost geocaching. […]

  3. John, I don’t know. Perhaps the helicopter was already in the air doing routine patrol… They fly overhead here several times per day. I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t understand the extent of the injuries and sent the helicopter.

    GPS Review - April 19th, 2006
  4. Agreed — hopefully, that was it. In any case, glad to see the update/correction about the info — and that the Geocachers were not really lost.

    – John…

    John Goggan - April 19th, 2006

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