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Fenway Park in 3D From Tele Atlas


We’ve talked about the efforts Tele Atlas has been putting into 3D recently both of the roadway and of landmarks. Today we’ve go a few more images to show. While the news of this came out a few weeks back, we thought today would be a more appropriate day to show them off. The World Series begins tonight at Fenway Park in Boston. Being a New England Native, we will be cheering on the Red Sox. What to see what Fenway Park might look like on your GPS in the future? Check out these renderings of Fenway Park in 3D which might be coming to a GPS near you in the future, courtesy of Tele Atlas. Click on the images for a bigger view. Go Sox!

Fenway Park in 3D GPS Tele Atlas 1

Fenway Park in 3D GPS Tele Atlas 2

Fenway Park in 3D GPS Tele Atlas 3

Fenway Park in 3D GPS Tele Atlas 4

One Response

  1. Hmmm, who’s better Beckett or Brady! Sox! Patriots! Celtics!!! Wooot wooot

    Brian from Marblehead Massachusetts

    Brian - December 19th, 2007

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