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FineDrive 400 to use NAVTEQ Maps


Fine Digital and NAVTEQ have announced that the new FineDrive 400 will use NAVTEQ maps. The FineDrive 400 provides 2D and 3D maps of the US and Canada, SD card with preloaded maps, and 128Mb of internal memory.

“NAVTEQ has a proven history of delivering accurate and highly reliable map data. Aligning our products with NAVTEQ maps affirms our commitment to provide quality portable navigation products to our customers,” commented Dr. K.S. Lee, President of Fine Digital USA. “Along with their proven track record as a leader of mapping data, NAVTEQ’s single specification of its maps will simplify the global extension of Fine Digital’s product portfolio.”

4 Responses

  1. Pros:
    Navigating to destination fairly well.
    Good price $400 (when on sale)
    Good screen size and resolution

    Old maps, Many missing point of interest
    Delay in getting signal
    No support. Nobody picks up phone or returns voice mail.
    Map Upgrades only once in a year!!!

    buba - May 18th, 2006
  2. Thanks for the info, Buba. Map upgrades only once per year (or even fewer) is fairly standard for most GPS manufacturers…. unfortunately.

    GPS Review - May 19th, 2006
  3. i purchased fine drive 400 about a month a go.
    the maps seemed to be out of date by a lot.
    i e-mailed them at their tech support address and i got a e-mail returned within 10 minutes i was so surprised.

    they said staples are just selling the models with old maps and that if i send the unit to them they’d update my map at no cost.

    now im waiting to get my unit back with the latest mapupdate(according to them)

    Chris yang - August 24th, 2006
  4. I bought the FineDrive 400 dez/06. I did e-mailed them something about updating my map and they returned my e-mail in one day. But the scene has been changed. Since april I am having problem and my gps, that start giving a error mensage and lock it. I already have try to contact them, sending them, so far 4 e-mail about the problem and until this moment I have not been contacted. Now I am thinking if the FineDrive it is a dependable brand?

    Roberto - May 13th, 2007

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