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From the Forums Friday 2008-01-25


Here is what was discovered this week in the forums. GPS for the Blind, is being discussed with many people skeptical about how practical it might be. Performing a screen calibration on the Nuvi 760 is a little more difficult than it might seem since the manual isn’t quite as descriptive as it could be. If you are taking your Nuvi out in bad weather you might want to look into what people suggest for weather protection cases. Chipsets, chipsets, chipsets… Nuvi 200 and 700 series owners continue to talk about reception issues and the different chipsets found in their devices. Differences are discovered in the built in POI database between the TomTom 720 and 920 devices. Occasionally TomTom QuickFix data seems to hurt more than help, although most of the time it works wonders. Still, if you want to delete the QuickFix data and load new, techniques are discussed. The NAVIGON 8100 makes an appearance and we learn about the difference between stand-by and shut-down for the 7100 (and presumably 2100).

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