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From the Forums Friday 2008-02-22


Lots of good reading in the forums this week, so let’s jump right in.

  • Many, many people are dissatisfied with the quality of the microphone in their GPS while using hands-free calling, regardless of brand. Thankfully Garmin offers and external microphone which I’ve now heard from several people works quite well. Here is one review.
  • A few people are having trouble updating their Nuvi 700 series to version 2.6 through WebUpdater and their GPS became bricked. Sending the device back is the suggestion from Garmin Support and they also seem to indicate the fault might be with WebUpdater. The same update went smooth for me, but if you are about to go on a big trip you might want to hold off on that update.
  • Which is more accurate– your GPS, the speedometer in your car, or a police radar? Users debate the issue and talk about factors which can impact those readings. There is another discussion about the same topic over here with some overlap.
  • Despite only having maps of the USA and Canada, you can actually generate a route to places in Central and South America with your Nuvi 700 series with the wide basemap. While fun, I’m not so sure I’d trust that basemap in those areas. 🙂
  • TomTom is rolling out map version 715 and an astute reader posted the “release notes” from that map version.
  • Magellan users wish their devices had the ability to add maps of areas not originally covered on the device.
  • While still a brand few people are talking about, a user did post a review of the Becker 7934.

Keep the good posts coming!

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