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From the Forums Friday 2008-04-18


With Garmin’s unfortunately named “2009” maps becoming available many users are wondering how to check their map version.

We’ve discussed this a few times before, but there are several advantages to not using TomTom’s “favorites” feature and using custom POI categories instead. They are easier to backup, easier to transfer to a new device, and there is virtually no limit on how many you can store.

A user decides to ditch his Nuvi and go for the Dash Express. He shares detailed thoughts about his new toy in his first impressions thread.

Lots happening with NAVIGON this week, they released a big software update that should help with a number of issues and provide some enhancements. The NAVIGON 2100 Max is starting to arrive on store shelves and a user provides a very thorough first impressions review of this impressive entry level priced, but fully functional GPS.

But the big stories of the week were related to the HP iPAQ 310. If you have seemingly “bricked” your iPAQ, there might be a way to force the installation that has worked for at least a couple of people. People are still finding what is new in the firmware update. But the icing on the cake is certainly the fact that users have figured out how to customize the navigation screen, specifically making the menu bars transparent and enabling certain icons in the full screen view. This is super impressive and you can read about it and see pictures about it over here.

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