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From the Forums Friday 2008-04-26


It was a busy week here with new devices arriving all the time and a cross country trip. The forums keep on rocking though, and here is the best of what we found this week.

Another update for HP GPS devices came out that those who have successfully downloaded has provided some great improvements in performance and stability. HP’s accessory maps are arriving as well.

TomTom slipped out a couple of updates to their HOME software, and 2.3.

We often get questions about how to “activate” Garmin and TomTom RDS-TMC (FM) traffic receivers, for the most part they are self activating and just turning them on will activate the subscription.

A feature that I’ve occasionally had the use for was to determine what time I would arrive at a particular point along the route as opposed to the destination. It isn’t something that comes up often but we talk about the devices that offer it, the devices that don’t, and the alternative methods of figuring it out.

More and more people are asking about devices that can accept a list of destinations and figure out the optimum order to make the entire trip. We call that feature route optimization and discuss in that thread which devices offer it, and which claim to offer it but really only sort a route. Somewhat related, we also discuss why GPS devices don’t offer the ability to reverse a route— or a least our theory as to why we don’t see it.

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