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From the Forums Friday 2008-05-02


Perhaps one of the best tips we’ve seen in awhile, if you don’t like the volume of the voice on your Nuvi, you can increase the voice volume on some models. It appears to work well on 700 series models, others remain to be seen.

Garmin owners are franticly downloading the unfortunately named 2009 map update and we seem to be zeroing in on map date of Q4 of 2007 for the release, but there is still a little uncertainty. But jump on it soon, because you only have 30 days to download the update. Also note that the free update offer doesn’t cover many of the older Nuvi devices such as the 350 regardless of when you purchased it.

We’ve heard from several people who purchase a new TomTom device that qualifies for the “Latest Map Guarantee” only to find that despite knowing a newer map is actually available, it says you have the latest map and doesn’t allow you to download a new one. Typically a call to support will get the map downloading, but that really shouldn’t be necessary, prompting one user to wonder if it is all a joke. I’ve used it before so I know it at least works some of the time, but I’ve heard from a good number of people that it simply says they have the latest map, when we know they don’t.

A user thinks the new tomtom’s will sell well and it will certainly create some good competition at the bottom end. We link out to a few interesting match-ups. There is often confusion about how SD cards work in different models and members try to help another member sort it all out. We also note that there are a few ways to download gas prices to your TomTom device depending on your phone situation.

And congrats to gatorguy on 1k posts.

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